Stefanie Marsse – the new name in the music industry that you need to know!

Succeeding and becoming popular in the music industry makes it easy when you have great skills and the talent. Moreover, starting off with a song that makes it on radio stations around the world is not a small thing. Meet Stefanie Marsse – the new young talent that is eager to bring some freshness and a new vibe into the music industry.

The new names that appear on the music sky are always interesting to the public because they are the ones that carry the flare and the vibe of the new music horizons and ideas. This is exactly what the young emerging star Stefanie Marsse is set to do. The dual skill of songwriting and singing puts her well ahead of others, and the strong and bold vibe that she carries with herself is only a motivation to grow bigger and more popular on the music sky.

With her first song Fighter released back in October 2020, Marsse sang about her hard times as a teenager. The popularity the song experienced was a strong motivation for her to prepare and release her second single, back in January 28 this year. Entitled Sweet Dandelions, the song is a homage and tribute to her friends coming from different parts of the world, and the true and honest relationship she nurtures with all of them. 

Touching and emotional, it instantly caught the ear of many influencers and a celebrity, the most notable being the Umbrella Academy actor Aidan Gallagher, who shared his satisfaction and recognized the young star through an Instagram story. That social media is a powerful thing is more than obvious, resulting in an even wider and bigger fan base and audience for Marsse. Reaching a number of around 22,000 followers, Marsse is set to make a difference and become a successful music artist in the industry.

Inspired by Celine Dion, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Christina Aguilera, Marsse finds its motivation, style, and direction with these well-known and brilliant names. Through her pop and electro-pop beats, she creates and crafts her lyrics with a dose of poetry and love. Full of ambition and determination, Marsse is already preparing and working on her third song, which will also be a huge hit, like the previous two.

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