Accomplished Musician Stefan Kristinkov Released “Clarinet Vibe”

A clarinettist with an extensive international performing background and primarily known for his work in independent films, Stefan Kristinkov released his second solo project, “Clarinet Vibe,” on September 28th. “Clarinet Vibe” deals with the concept of restricting timbral variation in order to create maximum aesthetic and emotional resonance. The artist used clarinet, vibraphone, bass guitar, and drum set to create the five-track project, largely concentrating on the Cross-over Jazz style. Clarinet Vibe’s unique soundscape will undoubtedly ensnare listeners.

Stefan Kristinkov, better known as Stefan K, is an eclectic concert and film music composer and businessman who acquires, records, and distributes rare ethnic instrumental libraries. His excellent orchestration skills and diverse musical structuring, as well as his imaginative blending of numerous, often unexpected materials and techniques, enable him to create unique themes that are frequently praised at film festivals. Stefan’s broad knowledge of classical music, ethnomusicology, jazz, Eastern-European minimalism, and postmodernism has greatly influenced his works. Despite being a virtuoso, Stefan retains a profound curiosity, allowing him to explore new ideas and consistently pursue unique creative solutions.

“Clarinet Vibe” is now available on all the major platforms, including Spotify. Visit Stefan Kristinkov’s website,, for more information on his upcoming projects.