Speaking with Robin Northrup: A writer who wants to bring back the story format

Hello Author Robin Northrup, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! Why did you decide to write this book?
To encourage children, especially in these times of the pandemic. To comfort them and gave them a good foundation.

Is it designed to help create or to reinforce faith?
To build their faith, to comfort them and encourage them.

If you could read one passage aloud, what would it be?
The name of the story is the battle belongs to God, the story helps children to know how to deal bullies.

What was the hardest part of putting it all together?
Finding illustrations that would compliment the poems.

Are there lessons religious parents can take from it too?
Yes, When I read the poems it encourages me.

How much more will children get out of the book when they read it with a friend?
The friend will get encouraged also.

What can children expect to achieve when they make it to the end?
When they talk to God, they will be confident that God will hear them and their prayers. They will also love God even more.

What’s on the horizon for you as a writer in the next 12 months?
I’m thinking of writing about the miracles that God has done in my life.

Can you share a tip for faith-based writers looking to make it onto the shelves?
I got in touch with a Christian publishing company. I spoke with one of there agents and I said to her “I’m not sure if I should publish the book or not?” and she said to me “Robin, Pray about it” and that night God showed me I was able to do it. God provided the money for me so I published my book.

How did you come up with the idea behind the illustrations?
We look at the different illustrations available from a particular company and try to match the pictures with the poems.