Speaking with John Hardy: A writer with knack for storytelling

Hello Author John Henry Hardy, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER! How did you come up with name for Whisper in My Ear?
Well to be honest with you, in the US Marine Corps officers are not allowed to fraternize with anyone in the enlisted ranks, and even though that is not the case in this novel it got me thinking. Whispering words of love and reassurance is very personal matter, and sometimes you need to tell someone you love them- especially in time of crises, when those words are meant to give your support to a loved one, but are not meant to be heard by someone else. That happens often in ‘Whisper in My Ear”.

Why did you choose to set it in such a pivotal period in history?
The Vietnam War was a contentious era in the United States and abroad. History remembers monumental events such as wars, and therefore I want people to remember and appreciate the pain and sacrifices American soldiers made and are still making, not only for our country, but also for the freedom and liberty of other nations as well. I think that “Whisper in My Ear” clearly defines how and why fifty six thousand Americans were martyrized to help ensure that the God given rights of all humanity are preserved, and that even the horrors of war cannot destroy His two greatest gift to mankind, which are life and love.  

What can the youth of today learn from the 1960s?
It is often said that, “Those who does not study history are bound to repeat its mistakes.” The tactics of the antiwar demonstrators of the 1960’s is now being espoused by today’s youth by supporting the ultra-liberal and progressive agenda of the current administration, whose civil actions are tantamount to shredding the constitution. The riots, burning, looting, and murder of the 1960s reappeared during the recent transition of our national government. The demands now supported by today’s youth are for free college, extended unemployment benefits, forgiving the current student debt, free medical care for all, the immigration of millions of undocumented aliens, the unlimited printing of hundreds of billions of fiat dollars to support the current administrations socialistic itinerary, and permitting the transition of all our critical manufacturing processes overseas. This trend is a continuation of the downward spiral of our country that began in the 1960s, and the behavior of many of today’s youth is mimicking that of the  American youths during the Vietnam War. Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow.  If they cannot realize that everything is not free, that violence solves only an issue for very limited period of time, if at all, and that the socialistic trend of our current leadership is a pathway to communism, than our liberty and freedom are in great danger. Thus many of today’s youths have learned nothing from the history of the 1960s. 

Can you really foresee something like In the Eye of An Eagle coming true?
I absolutely can see that happening. It has already started. The left has refused to accept the results of the 2016 election, and thereafter fraudulently usurped the power of the people in the 2020 election by mailing out millions of ballots to anyone on their rolls, including the dead, illegal aliens, or mailing multiple ballots to the same party members in order to let them vote more than once. Thus, they managed to seize absolute political power. That is a violation of our constitutional mandates! During the American Civil War, state’s rights and slavery were major political issues. The South wanted to secede from the Union, but nowhere in the constitution is there a proviso to dissolve the federal alliance as President Abraham Lincoln so ably pointed out. Some Blue States and cities have talked about separating from our federal coalition, scoff at federal laws, and intend to declare themselves as socialistic nations-countries that are run by communist dictators. There are over one hundred countries on this planet ruled by dictators, and every one of them infringes on the God-given rights of man. When that becomes apparent in the United States of America my novel, In the Eye of an Eagle, will become more than a speculation, since a Second American Civil War would be a terrifying reality!

What are the key triggers In the Eye of An Eagle?
While it is not readily apparent, the American economy is a key trigger in this novel, as well as the dwindling rights of American citizens. One has to remember that governments and the military do not produce a single dollar. They have no product or service to sell to contribute to the welfare of the nation, and this is rightly so; it is all tax payer funded.  However, the American middle class is declining, which in turn is diminishing tax dollars and forces the Central Bank to print trillions of  fiat dollars to keep the government running, fund the burgeoning social programs, and appeasing the government of several foreign countries. In my opinion, the crux of the problem is that in reality the last several generations of elected politicians haven’t really been running the country or even trying to balance the budget. Oh they make the laws alright, but under the guise and whims of Wall Street billionaires, industrial giant executives, and the social media moguls, who seem too be protected under the cloak of a two tier justice system; they are never charged with any violation of our laws, and although some have appeared before the congress they have never been charged. Many politicians, on the other hand, gladly prostitute themselves out for the generous campaign donations fostered by these tycoons in order to retain their political power, generous salaries which they allot themselves, and the unbelievable retirement benefits which they lavish upon themselves for a minimum of service. Instead of the present day classes of the wealthy, the middle class, and the poor, in the future there may be just two classes; the rich and the poor. With the demise of the middle class, treasonous politicians and the wealthy are driving America into a medieval age, similar to how the kings and queens controlled all the wealth and power, like today’s billionaire czars and their political cronies. If this trend continues, the middle class and the poor in America will one day be relegated to the drudgery of a caste known as serfdom, and perhaps eventually trigger a civil insurrection. 

How did you get the idea for the main character?
I have always been fascinated by the awesome size, power, and the internationally renowned reputation of the New York Police Department. In my quest for clarity, I hoped the reader would readily identify that magnificent organization that Detective Mike McShane dedicated his life to serving, and the fact that such men and women are typical American citizens. Many of them are veterans that love their families, their country, and are loyal to and willing to risk their lives every day for the citizens entrusted to their care. Mike McShane, the man behind that badge and gun, is a typical American citizen that continues to do his duty like all law enforcement officers in spite of the idiotic notion that we need to defund the organizations that protects our lives and property on a daily basis. To me, the men and women of the NYPD personifies each and every law enforcement agency at every level of government across this great nation.

Is The Legend of the Phantom Effects your first venture into Sci-Fi?
Yes, it is my first venture into science fiction, and as I did my research I learned that I didn’t know much about space travel. What I did realize however, is that it may take many years to reach other celestial bodies even those in our own Galaxy of the Milky Way. One day a person may be born on a spacecraft, raise a family within its confines, and perhaps die of old age before reaching their intended destination. Thus, generations may come and go, living their entire lives in the confines of a space ship! However, what intrigues me most is how earthlings would react and behave toward extra-terrestrials migrating to or just reaching out to Earthmen. That is my main emphasis in The Legend of the Phantom Effect. 

How do your latest books combine to tell the reader about your motivations as a writer?
Our national debt has put the American dollar on a precipice of destruction, endangering the future of our way of life! We are printing trillions of fiat dollars to finance social programs, the willful invasion of millions of illegal immigrants, our shrinking middle class, and sleaziness of the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. China, by keeping their yuan from floating and imposing tariffs on American goods and services, has flooded the world with cheap products. The numbers in their middle class are rising, while the American middle class is shrinking. The American middle class is the financial power of the United States, and has made us a super power and world leader. The rising number of the Chinese middle class will force the cost of their products to rise, while the shrinking American class will have fewer dollars to spend on the higher cost of the overwhelming amount of imported products. Consequently, many American businesses have moved their manufacturing processes to China in order to increase their profitability, but are not sharing those dollars with their employees. These greed-driven Wall Street moguls and industrial billionaires have sold our country out for their own benefit! In several more years, the United States of America may no longer be a super power. I tried to warn America about this catastrophe in my two novels In the Eye of an Eagle and When Brothers Meet.

Any tips for a budding Sci-Fi writer?
Yes; research, research, and research-unless your novel is pure fantasy. There are so many arcane facts you can incorporate into a science fiction novel that will enlighten our youths as well as entertaining them; make learning fun! A true Sci-Fi author will shrewdly educate the general public as to the hazards and adventures of what may lie beyond the miniscule realm of Earth as depicted in my novel, The Legend of the Phantom Effect. Research will help you realize that Earth is a mere grain of sand compared to the trillions and trillions of monster stars and planets encompassing the unknown number of galaxies that comprise outer space. 

Do you want to expand any of them into a full series, or perhaps launch a sequel?
Currently, I have no plans to do so. There ae so many social and fiscal problems confronting our country at this time that I wish to concentrate on how to better portray those issues to the American public and perhaps shift their votes away from those current long term politicians, who are attempting to divert our government from a Democratic Republic to a socialist nation; a communist nation.

If you could focus on one genre going forward what would it be?
I think that genre is politics. My greatest concern is the direction which the current administration is driving our form of government, and that is toward socialism, a prelude to communism! The current fraud in mail out ballots, the spiraling national debt, the escalation in the numbers of undocumented aliens entering our country, inflation, and the threat to the American dollar as the world reserve currency should be a major concern of every American citizen! The only power I have to influence the outcome is my vote and the power of the pen. It is often said that the power of the pen is mightier than the sword, but given the current political upheaval in America, only the good Lord knows and time will tell.

Did the Legend of the Phantom Effect take longer to write because of the level of detail in there?
Yes and no. The research involved in trying to determine what future space travel might entail, and what mankind might discover when it arrives at a specific location proved to be somewhat challenging. It seems to me a lot of what I came across was more speculative rather than definitive. I think that is to be expected, since mankind has not actually traveled to or landed on any celestial body other than the moon. The lessons learned on the lunar flights are invaluable in regards to future space exploration, of course. However, many unknown factors can force a sci-fi writer to dabble in speculation and the wonders of human imagination to fill in the gaps of the unknown, making fruitless research less time consuming. 

Which of your books is your favorite if you were forced to pick?
Whisper in My Ear is my favorite, because I have proudly served so many years in uniform, both as a reservist and on active duty. The rating of the American military makes it one of the most loved and respected, if not the most loved and respected governmental division in American history. It is rated higher and loved more by the American public than the executive, legislative, and judicial branches or any other political, social media network or industrial endeavor. It is because of the ultimate sacrifice and sufferings that tens of thousands of American citizens that have made in order to keep our country and the world free. In this novel I have tried to present the military men and women as ordinary people with the same fears, desires, love, and passions as the rest of our society, rather than sadistic baby killers, village burners, and murderers as portrayed by the antimilitary establishment. May God bless our military men and women, and help them to find a way to keep our freedom and liberty eternally intact, in spite of the political chaos that is plaguing our nation today!

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