Speaking with Frederick Kramer: A man who thinks about every word and meal 

Hello Frederick L. Kramer, Welcome to ABOUT INSIDER!

Why now after so many years?
I felt it was time to write about my first traveling experience to the Amazon and Peruvian jungle

Who is this book for?
Anyone interested in traveling or adventure. 

Did your journey change the way you think about the world?
It made me acquire more patience.

Have you ever re-read it cover to cover and relived the adventure?

If you could go back to one day on journey and live it over, which one would you pick?
Meeting my friend Leo

Were you inspired by similar travel books and travel memoirs?

What would you tell someone who thought they were too old to travel?
It’s never too late but read other people’s experience 

Where in the world would you go if you knew you only had one trip left?
Rio De Janiero 

How do you think travel broadens the mind, and why is it so important to a life well lived?
Traveling expands your life’s experiences. It makes you see the world in new and different ways

How have your memories of your trip ebbed and flowed over the years?
In and out!