Sonam Kapoor’s Appointment at Tate Modern’s South Asia Acquisition Committee

Sonam Kapoor stands tall as a luminary figure in the world of style, fashion, and art. Her influence transcends borders, making her a cultural ambassador of India to the West. Now, her latest endeavour solidifies her position even further. Tate Modern, a beacon of modern and contemporary art, has given Sonam Kapoor the prestigious role of its South Asia Acquisition Committee member. This appointment not only reaffirms her status as a tastemaker but also highlights her keen eye and expertise in art.

Sonam Kapoor’s induction into the South Asia Acquisition Committee is a significant milestone, marking her as the sole Indian actor entrusted with the responsibility of championing Indian and South Asian art at Tate Modern. Upon receiving this honour, Kapoor expressed her deep gratitude, stating, “I’m deeply honoured to join the prestigious Tate Modern as a member of its South Asia Acquisition Committee.”

Her journey with Indian and South Asian art has been a lifelong passion, and this appointment allows her to further advocate for the artists and artworks she holds dear. Kapoor recognizes the global recognition that South Asian art is gaining and sees this role as an opportunity to contribute to its elevation on the world stage. “South Asia’s rich legacy of art is finally gaining the global recognition it deserves,” she remarks. “As an Indian and a South Asian, it is a privilege to witness our art taking center stage.”

For Kapoor, this appointment is not just a personal achievement but a collective triumph for the entire art community. She sees herself as a representative, working alongside fellow enthusiasts and experts to amplify the presence of South Asian art worldwide. “It’s a proud moment, not just for me, but for our entire art community, as we work together to elevate the presence of South Asian art worldwide,” she asserts.

Her passion, expertise, and dedication promise to bring about meaningful change, further enriching the global art landscape and ensuring that the voices of South Asian artists resonate far and wide. As she embarks on this new journey, Kapoor’s impact on the world of art is poised to reach new heights, solidifying her legacy as a true champion of creativity and cultural exchange.