Social distancing because of Covid-19 and its Psychological Impact

As the Covid-19 virus threatens the world and the chapter of social distancing has been initiated world over to check its rapid multiplication, the world has come to a standstill with a forced pause and silence demanding patience in their endeavours and the earlier rapid-paced schedule.

Modern times have been a regular witness to the fast pace of daily schedules which has recorded strong impacts on the psychological frames of many human minds, and the sudden stop has come up with mixed reactions – many rather maximum- reacted to it with high anxiety and with thousand plus questions about the near future as the hazardous developments and updates to the social media addicted population and the anxiety-prone, the forced social distancing in just a few days took the shape of irritation, and latent aggression, coupled with depression as the business and human health news scared them, some were initially pleasantly pleased, naming it as a time to catch up with their pending works, but few days later realised that times ahead would be like a fresh start with a still undefined starting line.

The social distancing has forced many single ones to loneliness and the ones with families to a strongly defined border. The one to one individual interaction which was earlier living an elusive life now stares directly in the face to happily interact with the close ones, rectify and restrengthen interpersonal bonds, rectify behavioural malpractices if any with patience and replenish life with love and care as everyone faces the fear of calamity’s multiplication.

In this period the healthy activities both social and behavioural stands mandatory to consume the period of social distancing to positive outcomes with strong shades of the emotion of care and support to one another enclosed in the social distance arena along with setting a precedence of human values for the next generation while caring for the elderly ones, educating science of balanced living, redefining life goals with reference to lessons learnt from experience, changing habitat, culture, lifestyle with emphasis on health and nutrition coupled with sanitation as a necessity in the now overpopulated globe.

Dynamic adaptability is the need of the hour, for the social and government workers time of challenge as they pace themselves to overcome the Herculean challenge and for those who are forced to stay latent – they need to direct their psychological energy to constructive purpose such as organising, programming, updating, researching, creative arts, familial responsibilities without overdoing so as not to become a victim of psychological disorders, resultant from the sudden change of conditions and application of a directionless mind.

Reading, writing, communicating, assisting is the need of the hour – so be active and be healthy.