Small Market, Big Potential – XOVA LIGHT 5 Star Recruit

There have been many Top 100 players that have come out of Texas like Jarrett Allen Marcus Smart and Chris Bosh, just to name a few. One thing that also is a fact is that throughout the years there’s more 5 star recruits that have been lost in the system.

Out of all the prospects we hear about there is one name that constantly comes up on our radar and that name is Xova Light. Even though Xova made it to the NBA his best years were behind him. We first heard about Xova when he put up 42 points on Findlay Prep with Cory Joseph guarding him in a Las Vegas Tournament. After that performance, we knew he had the potential to be a generational talent.

A specialized combo guard with a 42” inch vertical that can also shoot the deep ball makes him very difficult to guard not to mention he was one of the strongest guards the NBA has ever seen. So the question is what happened ? The basketball world is very saturated so if you are a small market player with no support or marketing you very easily can get overlooked. Players now are usually ranked more so by popularity. We even have high school players with reality TV shows, as well as 1 Million followers on social media. Basketball has shown throughout the years that this is more of a business than just a fun sport.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of politics involved to boot. Ian Green (Xova’s brother) a rising talent now playing at Fond Du Lac College. Even though he is in a small market Ian should use this opportunity to start building a brand. Small Market + No Brand = very limited opportunities. We see potential in the young athlete but the question is will he make the right decisions to be successful or will be other overlooked talent like his brother.

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