Slate Medical Group: Creating New Standards of Beauty

Dr. Michelle Sacdalan Slatensek, more commonly known as Doc Maika, talks about the founding principles and ideas behind Slate Medical Group.

With an emphasis on inclusivity and kindness, Slate Medical Group takes pride in helping clients with diverse backgrounds to look and feel their best through cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medical practices. Founder and Medical Director Doc Maika is a firm believer that the future of beauty lies in the qualities that make each person unique and the confidence that emerges from self love.

“We don’t want to focus just on the norms of beauty, the beauty standards,” said Doc Maika. “We also want to cater to those who actually want to see their inner beauty regardless of their gender. We can help them feel more masculine or more feminine and really feel like themselves. Everyone is beautiful inside and out regardless of what they stand for or who they represent.”

Slate offers many different cosmetic procedures including lip fillers, infections, liposuction, lifts, rhinoplasties, and Botox. Doc Maika is a big believer in using Slate Medical Group to bring out each client’s confidence and address their mental and emotional wellness, as well as helping them feel better physically. The company is working on an initiative to encourage people to embrace their personal identities and engage in self care practices. Slate’s obesity awareness campaign is also promoting weight management and long term options to educate people on possible lifestyle changes.

“My clinic staff and I have personal friendships with clients. These relationships were built through the years of creating targeted, customized and comprehensive treatment plans to meet each unique need,” explained Doc Maika. “We personalize each treatment based on our clients’ beauty goals and we work together, client included, to achieve the best results.”

Slate has built a lot of trust with their clients. Doc Maika has taken special care to curate a welcoming and safe space for her clients, especially by launching initiatives that focus on inclusivity. By embracing diversity and embracing anyone, regardless of race, gender, or background, Slate Medical Group has proved its genuine care for patients.

“My clinic believes in providing inclusivity to those who are unfortunately often neglected and marginalized in the industry,” says Doc Maika. “We don’t want to just focus on beauty norms or the usual beauty standards.”

Doc Maika is passionate about helping others. Years ago when her son was diagnosed with congenital hearing loss in both ears, she stopped her residency in internal medicine to raise him. She then got experience working in an emergency room, administering care for two years until a colleague in aesthetics encouraged her to pursue her current path. She accepted jobs at patients’ dinner parties where they would get IV shots and Botox. Doc Maika’s resilience and business strategy opened the door for her to create Slate. Doc Maika has plans to expand and franchise Slate in the future and feels blessed to have the opportunity to bring good cosmetic and aesthetic care to more people.