Simplifying Checkout for Your eCommerce Customers

According to multiple eCommerce studies, the rate of shopping cart abandonment is 70%. That’s pretty high and likely because you aren’t simplifying checkout for your eCommerce customers. From data requests to adequate security, here are some useful suggestions.

Multiple Payment Options

More ways to pay means more potential customers and less abandonment. Of course, debit cards are the most useful and likely online. Credit cards are optional. But you can also include modern conveniences like digital wallets from Google, Amazon, and Apple. And then there are cryptocurrencies. These aren’t common yet, but it’s just another option for customers. Finally, you can also offer payment processing by phone calls, which some still prefer to do.

Don’t Ask for Unnecessary Data

No one wants to give you all their data if they don’t need to. Data theft is common, and for all they know, you are going to sell it. So first, ensure that customers know how their data is used, stored, and processed. Then, streamline your checkout so you only ask for the data you need. For instance, you don’t need a customer’s bank account details for a one-time purchase. And in most cases, you don’t even need their email address or phone number when they buy things.

Simplifying Checkout with Guest Options

It’s so annoying when you have a basket full of stuff and just want to check it out. Then you get to the end, and you need to register. Why? This really isn’t necessary and annoys customers. Additionally, it is one of the leading causes of eCommerce shopping cart abandonment, which costs you money. So don’t be your own worst enemy, and always offer a guest checkout option. This makes it easier for a customer and pretty much guarantees a sale at the end of the day.

Show You Have Good Security

Some customers can leave a site if they can’t determine how good the security is. And rightly so. Why should they risk their personal data being stolen? You must work hard to establish trust, so why blow it over silly checkout mistakes? Always proudly display any security certifications you have and highlight extra security, such as SSL. You can also create more trust by ensuring payment forms are well-made and making it easier for customers to enter their details.

Be Honest About Costs

Your customers can think they are getting a great deal, only to find they have been duped at the end with insane delivery and service charges. This is no way to do business and only lowers the chances of a sale. If you do have additional charges, make sure the customer knows this before they add anything to the cart. Include it on the product pages and make it very clear in your final checkout section. You can also include a shopping cart sidebar so they can keep track of it.


Using multiple payment options will help when simplifying checkout on your site. You can also reduce shopping cart abandonment with guest checkout and being honest about extra charges.