Simple Extravagance: Jazzy Beauty

Jazzy France’s focus on natural beauty is emphasized through high-quality and natural cosmetic products. Recently, owner, Leila-Tolentino-Cristobal has enjoyed a nude makeup look, and these five Jazzy France products can be used to create the perfect nude look.
By Taylor Spill | @taylorespill

Jazzy Beauty, owned by Leila Tolentino-Cristobal, has been embracing the nude lately. As in, the products that she enjoys the most at the moment from her cosmetics company, Jazzy France are those in nude colors. “I love nude colors” she exclaims, “you never go wrong on any occasion.” Leila’s enjoyment of the natural look aligns with her company’s message: embracing natural beauty through cosmetics that use natural and vegan ingredients.

Jazzy France was directly inspired by Leila’s time in Paris learning more about cosmetics and the beauty industry. When asked how she came up with the name, Leila explained: “When we were creating the concept back in 2009, we were thinking of what would strike and have a big impact, so the late James Cooper and I decided on the name Jazzy which means bright, showy, and colorful.”

Despite “Jazzy” meaning extravagant, Jazzy France’s vision of natural beauty still remains. In addition, Jazzy France boasts a wide variety of quality products from France, which Leila is incredibly proud of.

“What makes us unique is our products from Paris being reasonable despite being professional quality and vegan,” Leila says.

Which products match the vision of Leila’s love for the nude and natural look? Jazzy France currently focuses on lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, and various facial products. These five products help to create the “bright” visage, emphasizing one’s natural features.

Silky Satin Silouhette

The first step for the perfect nude look is Satin Lipstick. It is currently offered in seven different shades. The lipstick is meant to add moisture to lips while also adding a shine and natural-looking color. The nude shade that suits Leila’s love for the color palette is “Fair Minded,” which is a shade that leaves a slight taupe shine. This nude shade can help the lips look vivacious, yet add a subtle touch of elegance.

Shining Star

To add even more shine to the Satin Lipstick comes Lip Shine, Jazzy France’s lip gloss selection. In addition to giving lips a glossy look, lip shine also adds a hint of color. Lip Shine is currently offered in six different shades; however, the best shade for this look is “Naked.” This warm, nude shade compliments “Fair Minded” remarkably, creating a vibrant combination of natural-looking and beautiful lips.

Ready to Send

The best product to emphasize, compliment, and highlight facial features with a nude look is the Photo Ready Illuminator. A fan favorite, the products are light to the touch and easy to apply, yet offer heavy coverage. If your makeup look is something you want to photograph and share with the world, this product helps to bring the look together for the camera. The Photo Ready Illuminator is offered in five different shades and is perfect to suit any look.

Slay All Day

The next step in curating the perfect nude look is through the Velvet Liquid Blush. This blush boasts a cream-to-powder look in addition to its long-lasting properties. The lasts through sweat on long, hot days; a versatile product that works for any occasion. The best shade for the look is “Amour,” a beige color with a hint of red. Amour works with various skin tones, giving a hint of color while remaining a more neutral shade.

Windows to the Face

Finally, the Sleek Matte Eyeshadow Palette currently has two different palette color variations and is perfect to finish off the sleek and effortless look. The eyeshadow has a light, and “buttery” feel when applied, yet the palette is highly pigmented. Each color was selected to suit a wide variety of eyes and looks. “Simply Girl” offers a nude/neutral color selection, to give the eyes a natural yet vibrant “pop.” Consumers can play around with the various shades to create different looks, however,  this palette is perfect for achieving a natural look.

Leila hopes to expand Jazzy France, with the goal of using her stunning “nude” products and others to reach a larger audience, hoping to transition from distributorship to retail expansion. She is currently working and in negotiation with a variety of retail stores to take Jazzy France to the next level.