Shivraj Singh: The Royal Heir Who Transformed Palaces into Luxury Hotels

In the land of kings and royalty, where the grandeur of the past meets the luxury of the present, one name stands out – Shivraj Singh, the prince of the illustrious Jodhpur Royal Family. With a staggering net worth of Rs 22,400 crore, Shivraj Singh is not only the custodian of his family’s legacy but has also ventured into the business world, leaving an indelible mark on the hospitality industry.

Born into the prestigious Jodhpur Royal Family, Shivraj Singh, at the age of 47, is the son of Gaj Singh, a renowned politician and the King of Jodhpur. Hailing from a lineage with a deep-rooted Rajput heritage, the Singh family has resided in their majestic palace for generations.

However, Shivraj Singh is not merely a royal heir but a multifaceted personality. A skilled polo player, he is also entrusted with the responsibility of training the Jodhpur polo team. Educated in the United Kingdom, he returned to Jodhpur to manage his family’s vast business empire.

Shivraj Singh’s primary role involves overseeing the management of the Jodhpur Royal Family’s properties, a task he has executed with finesse. He has transformed the family’s opulent palaces and residences into luxury hotels, offering guests a truly regal experience. Perhaps the most distinguished among these properties is the Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Umaid Bhawan Palace, a symbol of luxury and magnificence, proudly holds its place among the most extravagant hotels in the nation. Room rates begin at an impressive Rs 35,000 per night. Constructed centuries ago, this architectural gem was repurposed into a hotel by collaborating with the royal family and Ratan Tata’s esteemed conglomerate.

Shivraj Singh’s Umaid Bhawan Palace is affiliated with Taj Hotels, a renowned luxury hotel chain in India operated by the Tata Group. The extensive renovation and conversion of the palace into an ultra-luxury hotel required an investment of approximately Rs 10 crore, resulting in an exquisite destination that seamlessly blends history and modernity.

The entrepreneurial spirit of Shivraj Singh has not only enhanced the prestige of the Jodhpur Royal Family but has also contributed significantly to Rajasthan’s tourism industry. In addition to Umaid Bhawan, Singh manages other palace hotels such as Bal Samand and Sardar Samand, further enriching the state’s cultural heritage and tourism offerings.

Shivraj Singh’s journey from being a royal heir to a successful businessman exemplifies his commitment to preserving his family’s legacy while embracing contemporary opportunities. As he continues to spearhead ventures that reflect the grandeur of Rajasthan’s heritage, Shivraj Singh stands as a shining example of royalty evolving with the times, ensuring that the splendor of the past endures for generations to come.