SheSoVegann Looks Forward To Releasing “Bananas”

After the successful releases of “Grapes” and “Peach,” SheSoVegann looks to release her first single of the new year, titled “Bananas.” SheSoVegann is a female solo artist that has become a booming success this past year. For her, her music is held close to the lifestyle she lives as a devoted vegan. 

By being part of the veganism world, SheSoVegann’s music reflects the life she lives through the experiences she’s had since switching her lifestyle entirely. Though, along with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, SheSoVegann has been creating and releasing top notch dance hits that have been snatching necks all year long. As SheSoVegann continues with her releases next year, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for her music, her dancing, and her vegan lifestyle.

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