Sepsiss Band Releases Powerful New Single “You Already Know”

Manchester, New Hampshire band Sepsiss returns with smashing “You Already Know” single, maintaining their strong sound and not failing to disappoint “swarmies” in the process. Known for their ever-present relationship with fans and memorable, high-energy tracks, Sepsiss continues to capture their audience through this engaging piece. Sepsiss brings a group of diverse and talented individuals together to create high-quality, entertaining music for all to hear. Sepsiss’ lead vocalist, Melissa Wolfe, charms listeners with outstanding and strong vocals on this new release, with lyrics discussing a relationship that metaphorically compares to constantly changing elements of nature.

From “now you know when it all comes down to us the sun never rises in the same sky” to “could you be my favorite nighttime,” the lyrics thoughtfully convey a seemingly unhealthy relationship where things constantly change and there are ever present issues, but one party pretends to not notice the shifts in energy, hence “trying not to look like you already know,” the line that captures the title of the song itself, and the song’s main theme. Listeners may find themselves relating to the theme of the song or just enjoying the electrifying sound of the heavy metal/hard rock group.

Although there are no upcoming shows where the band is currently advertising to perform in, swarmies and other interested listeners can still experience music from Sepsiss online. Indeed, while the pandemic may prevent fans from seeing Sepsiss live for some time, they can still access the most updated information about the band on their Instagram @sepsissband, and discover the band’s music through digital streaming services. While we all remain locked inside due to the global pandemic, don’t miss out on your chance to hear new music from Sepsiss. Listen now to the new Sepsiss single “You Already Know,” currently available on all digital streaming platforms.