Self-Published Author Gregory W. Walton II negotiates deals for new children’s book with retail giants Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

“It’s truly a dream come true, and a blessing from the most high God” says Walton II, about his feelings on becoming an Internationally Self-Published Author. Moreover, “Melanin Born Kings: We are capable of anything!” is the title of Walton’s first book, which is a captivating children’s book which entails intriguing elements related to Ancient African Egyptian history. Furthermore, Walton has a passionate desire to share his book’s profound message globally, with hopes of making a positive impact in the lives of young boys born into the African diaspora all around the world. Accordingly, Walton’s book deals with both Amazon and Barnes & Noble will provide him with the worldwide platform needed to distribute this highly anticipated book to over 100 other countries and regions. Excitingly, Walton says “he is eager to network and partner with School districts, Educators, Librarians, Youth groups, as well as the Juvenile Justice system in efforts to get his new book in the hands of millions of children”. Inspiringly, Melanin Born Kings is now available internationally as a paperback, eBook, and audiobook. Don’t be surprised if you see Walton in your city doing a book signing, as he genuinely looks forward to meeting his readers during scheduled marketing events! Subsequently, Walton is sincerely devoted to “giving back” to the African American community, especially to those who experience poverty and come from lower socioeconomic statuses. Aside from authoring innovative children’s books and doing academic research as a standout Scholar at USC, Mr. Walton is a rising Keynote Speaker and one of California’s most dynamic professional Certified Life Coaches, who also specializes in assisting diverse populations of youth ranging from ages 5-17.

Melanin Born Kings is a book precisely designed to enlighten and inspire underrepresented youth of color born into the African diaspora. Walton aims to do this by taking a sociological approach and positively shaping the young minds of these particular youth by empowering them to develop an early growth mindset. Unfortunately, several melanin born boys are raised in disadvantaged environments which lack adequate educational opportunities or community resources. Walton is fervently passionate about providing these youth with the keen awareness of their true potentialities and capabilities in this world. It is Walton’s belief, that these youth of color must be thoroughly exposed to the broad range of the leading professions in United States of America during their initial developmental stages in life. Historically, young African American males have been stereotyped as future athletes and are typically discouraged from attaining their American Dream through traditional career choices. It is imperative to teach and instill this message in these young melanin born kings. Therefore, these young kings should know that they are more than capable of being phenomenal regardless of their socioeconomic status, societal obstacles, and the racial classification system that tends to unfavorably place African Americans in challenging positions in society. Furthermore, these youth of color often encounter negative methods of social stratification within society, which then generally leads to a lifestyle of poverty or incarceration in the criminal justice system. These atrocities can be greatly attributed to the hindrance of professional success, amongst males who are born into the African diaspora. Thus, Walton’s chief concern, is that all young African American males receive the essential knowledge, and the sufficient education needed to reach their maximum potential and aspire to beat the odds by accomplishing high achievements that should not be viewed as rare in American culture.

To conclude, born Gregory Wayne Walton II, his upbringing was spent in the inner-city Bay Area, California. Mr. Walton was raised in an underserved community in East Side San Jose, CA, where he attended local grade schools which typically suffered from insufficient resources. Moreover, due to the environmental factors that shaped Mr. Walton’s childhood, he had early dreams to one day play professional sports. Subsequently, as an adolescent he was a youth athlete, that participated in organized youth baseball, basketball, and football for more than 10 years. This led to Walton chasing the dream of becoming a professional athlete by playing both intercollegiate and amateur football. After sustaining multiple injuries participating in sports, it was then that Mr. Walton realized his avid passion for reading, research, and education. In being a first-generation college student, he was determined to not let his disadvantaged background prevent him from attaining a higher education. Credibly, Walton has been a distinguished scholar over the course of his career.  He has graduated magna cum laude from Foothill College in Los Altos, CA with an Associates of Arts degree in Sociology. He has graduated magna cum laude from the California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, where he was selected as the “Most Outstanding Graduating Senior” by the department of Sociology. Mr. Walton is currently a graduate student attending the University of Southern California where he will obtain his Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice in August 2022. In closing, during his spare time, Walton loves to visit his relatives and friends, or listen to jazz music, as well as traveling to explore new scenic views. Consequently, he has hopes to one day have a loving family of his own to share the legacy he is presently building.

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