Self Awareness to Self Improvement: An interview with Mindfulness Coach Siddharth Das

Siddharth Das is a Mindfulness Coach and a Life Coach, who has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in self-confidence and self improvement. He worked daily to achieve a highly specific character and behavior-based road map to improvement. This all culminated in deep identity level change at the cellular level.

Hello Siddharth! Let’s start with a short introduction and your journey as a Mindfulness Coach.
Well it’s almost like I was destined to become a Mindfulness Coach. After struggling to find my own direction in life, I became more aware of myself and found my path. It was definitely not easy, I worked in theatre, restaurants, retail, bpo, recruitment and finally became a Corporate Trainer. I spent over 11 years in Corporate world and nurtured the young talent. I decided to become a Life Coach, to expand my reach and help more people with my learning from Life. 

I Teach confidence, originality, and self-improvement skills that will transform anyone’s approach to social interactions. I will admit that I am quite popular with young generation with my new-age style of thinking and approach towards the problems, I am committed to make a difference in people’s lives, through Mindfulness. 

What is Mindfulness?
See, living in the moment is not a quote but a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle I adopted years ago and it helped me live my life fully. Mindfulness means Awareness. Awareness of your thoughts, actions, surrounding, awareness about the inside world and the outside world. Mindfulness is the permanent state of mind, aware and awake. It can be achieved through regular meditation. 

What is a Life Coach?
Life Coaching is all about helping people get from where they are in their life to where they want to get to. If everyone is being honest with themselves, I think we could all do with improving an area or two of our lives.

Everyone knows what to do in life to become more successful but they don’t do what they know. It is a Life Coach’s job to help people get what they want in life in by breaking down the barriers that people impose on themselves. Rather than actually TELLING someone the answers, a Life Coach is the catalyst for getting a client to find the answers themselves.

What does your brand name Aware and Beyond means?
I firmly believe in the path I walked on – Self Awareness to Self Improvement. Aware and Beyond shows that once you become aware of yourself, there are infinite possibilities for you. The idea is to be awake and know your true potential, then take it towards the direction you want. Map your own life.

What are the services that you offer to your customers?
All of my programs are deeply rooted and create change from the cellular level. My services includes one-on-one coaching and group programs. Think of me as your accountability partner in achieving your goals. Below are my areas I work on:

  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Career. – Know what career is for you
  • Relationships
  • Communication skills
  • Dreams and achievements
  • Getting what you want in life
  • Confidence Building Program
  • Rediscovering Yourself – You – 2.0
  • Managing Work Life Stress

You may find more information on 

How do you spread the word about your business?
I make content, a lot of content. You will find it on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube by the name Aware and Beyond. LinkedIn being my primary source of leads, I am really active there and you can find me by searching my name Siddharth Das, a Mindfulness Coach. 

What is one question which you get asked a lot?
What is the purpose of my life? I may not know the answer, but I know where the answer is and how to bring that out. It’s within you.  

What do you do to relax and keep the stress away?
The thing about mindful living is that you are always present in the present. Just like our bodies are always in the present however the mind keeps on jumping from past to future, that’s the major cause of stress and anxiety. I also meditate and listen to music which is a kind of meditation for me, to relax. 

What is your advice to our readers?
See if you are struggling in your life and unhappy with the situation you are in, then reach out and ask for help. Life is only fulfilled when:

  • You know Yourself
  • You know your Purpose
  • You are doing what you love

What are your charges for the session and the various programs you offer?
The charges depends on your goals and what you are trying to achieve. Different programs have different prices depending upon whether it’s a group session or private. Nevertheless, the first discovery call is absolutely free where you and me will talk and understand the area we need to work on, along with the plan to achieve it. 

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