Segway-Ninebot Announces S Kids

Segway-Ninebot, a global leader in short-distance transportation solutions and robotic service industries, launched the company’s most advanced smart self-balancing electric scooter for children. The Segway-Ninebot S Kids comes equipped with top safety features and smart technology allowing children to enjoy the electric scooter in reasonable yet incredibly fun ways. The new member of the Segway-Ninebot family is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding list of innovative products offered by the tech conglomerate.

One of the major differences between Segway-Ninebot S Kids and other Segway models is the size of the vehicle and the materials used to create it. The newly launched self-balancing vehicle was engineered specifically for children. The knee bar is tailored for children’s height, knee control pad is made of a soft yet incredibly durable material, and the area pedal is large enough to make it easier for children to stand firm and be in control. The body of the scooter is ultra-thin but is sturdy enough to allow children weighing up to 132 lbs to use the device. The new device for children comes in three colors (black, blue and pink) and has the following key features;

  • Real-time intelligent voice safety reminder

The new S Kids alerts riders when speeding, reversing, or the battery is getting low. Voice safety reminders also make sure children maintain proper posture while riding.

  • 3 Riding Modes

Safe mode (maximum speed 7 km/h, 4.3 mph), Novice mode (maximum speed 10 km/h, 6.2 mph), Sports mode (maximum speed 14 km/h, 8.7 mph).

  • Segway-Ninebot App

Riders can turn the self-balancing scooter into a large remote-control car. Riders can also use the app to control light settings, personalize the ride and perform firmware upgrades.

  • Non-slip and maintenance-free solid tires

This versatile product makes it easy for riders to move forward in different scenarios and terrains that include wetlands, sandstone, gentle slope, and small obstacles.

  • Smart protection mechanism

The device has an automatic speed reduction and is developed to auto-stop when no weight is detected. It also comes with pick up protection and safety speed limit.

“When our R&D team was developing the product, they wanted to create a child-sized vehicle that truly allows comfortable driving and agile handling without compromising on design and safety,” said Tom Hebert, VP Sales and Marketing at Segway-Ninebot. “And this is exactly what the new Segway-Ninebot S Kids is. It comes with more than a dozen safety features, yet it is not complicated to operate and children as young as 8 can easily enjoy the thrill of riding self-balancing scooters with eye-pleasing butterfly wings design. The real time protection reminders also never stop guarding kids making them comfortable to buzz around and enjoy the ride in the safest possible way.”

Kids can make the most out of the new device, as the latest smart self-balancing electric scooter is compatible with the new Mecha Kit by Segway-Ninebot. The exciting tech innovation transforms Segway vehicles into joyful Mecha-style rides allowing users to experience double the fun with games that include drifting and shooting water bullets.

The new Segway-Ninebot S Kids electric vehicle will come in three colors – black, blue, and pink. The product currently retails for MSRP $499.99 and all versions are readily available on Amazon and Segway’s official store.