See Better with Spenser Olson and SEE

In a sea of hot selling brands and countless options, you can choose to see better with SEE like Spenser Olson did.

Spenser Olson is one of those singers who stood the test of time to prove himself as a staple when a new singer pops up and fades out almost every second. In this “disposable” industry, becoming indispensable is difficult and it looks like Olson has got the hang of it because when we think of him.

Talking about the hottest drops of instagram this week, we came across two of those indispensable powerhouses coming together to collaborate for SEE eyewear. Spenser Olson and Liesa Cole collaborated to create the coolest pop art with SEE sunglasses and eyeglasses. Liesa Cole is a super talented photographer who knows her craft and has the power to turn anything into magic by her touch of art.

SEE eyewear is an eyewear brand that crafts masterpieces of artistic, yet sturdy and functional eyewear to suit all needs and tastes. Spenser Olson chose two of the statement pieces to sport in this eyewear shoot that turned out magical with a touch of pop art carried out masterfully by Liesa Cole.

We believe that each individual has his or her own style and no matter what is in fashion or selling hot, one needs to be very careful while choosing their own statement style. Olson and his stylists made no mistake in choosing the right pieces to compliment his style and speak of the brand itself in the best possible way.

For sunglasses, Olson chose a white statement piece with rectangular shape and a sleek design to compliment his ice blonde hair and street fashion pieces for his attire that perfectly complemented the look. For another look, he chose round shaped eyewear with an orange frame to go perfectly with his outfit. The angles and light chosen by Liesa Cole added fuel to the fire and my my, who can handle such heat. We are melting here.

For eyeglasses, Olson went complete 180 degrees to choose a boss style that could easily beat any Christian Greys you know of. The ultimate boss look has Olson sporting transparent frame eyeglasses with sleek hair and a sporty touch to a professional look. We love that play of color and with the serious looking style and cuts. The best thing about this shoot is however, that Cole and the stylists knew how to make the eyewear pop. Although the overall style is impeccable and compliments Olson’s style, nothing is too overbearing as to take away the limelight of the eyewear.

The eyewear is bespoke and every single picture reflects quality with style and even the behind the scenes video posted by Liesa Cole speaks volumes about the overall style of the brand and how it fit Spenser Olson perfectly like it was handcrafted according to his style.

We did some research about SEE and found out that they have a wide variety of eyewear perfect to suit every style and occasion. Whether you are a casual street style guy out for lunch, or a boss lady ready to rule the corporate world, they have something that fits every need and style. You can choose from a variety of styles and shapes to find something that suits you perfectly.

The photoshoot itself is a sheer work of street style and pop art, Lisa Cole chose all the right locations, angles and lighting perspectives to suit the mood of the photoshoot. The angles and light is perfect to bring out the best of Spenser Olson in each photo.

Collaborations with singers, influencers and stars is quite common these days but only a few of those collabs look like they have the “made for each other” touch and this collab is nothing short of it. We love it and we hope you do too!

Go check out the hottest drop of SEE right now featuring Spenser Olson, shot impeccably by Liesa Cole and tell us if you have the same views as us.

Because we saw the shoot and couldn’t help but say “Ur TheOne”!

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