Scot Garrambone’s new track “Glowing” sets up a shining career for him

For a long time, the world of dance music has been in urgent need of a breath of new air. Finding fresh music and talent in this industry has proven tough. That is, until Scot Garrambone arrived. With his single “GLOWING,” he has surprised the music industry. Scot has now gone on to become a global musical sensation and an immediate hit. 

“GLOWING” is a remarkable listening experience with a peaceful melody mood and percussion accompaniment. Listeners claimed they liked listening to the music regardless of their mood since it made them feel better whenever and wherever they heard it. They expect him to release more songs like this in the future.

This song was created with the assistance of Scot Garrambone’ former record company, Rumor Records. Both sides worked hard to ensure that the song was ready in time for the release and that it would get tens of thousands of fans throughout the world. It’s incredible to watch that dream come true.

Listen to “Glowing” here:

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