Say what you couldn’t before as you vibe to Cole Gordon’s new music “VCR”

Cole Gordon has launched a new hit tune intended for all dancers. Fans were up and dancing to the new song “VCR.” The song has rapidly climbed to the top of party playlists across the United States. If nothing changes, the song will become an international success.

“VCR” was written with the purpose of appealing to all types of dancers. Cole had previously offered us with excellent music that we truly loved. This one was developed with fans in mind. He wanted to give the audience something that would make them want to get up and dance. His purpose appears to have been realized, as the song has been adopted by people all around the world.

Cole’s inherent aptitude and flair for composing music, as well as Rumor Records, have ensured that the song is an instant hit. Rumor Records took tremendous effort during the production process to ensure that the music was presented at its finest. It’s no surprise the song has gone viral.

Listen to “VCR” and start dancing by clicking here: