Sarah Sunday’s Latest Song “The Sky is Falling” has Already Gained 40k+ Plays

Sarah Sunday is a modern pop singer who has been singing since she was a child. Her father was a pianist, and she developed an interest in music seeing her father who was a pianist as a result. She was also influenced by several musicians, including Debbie Harry, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, and the renowned Avril Lavigne, and admires 80’s music as well as fashion. Sarah is also a lovely, exceptionally gorgeous, and down-to-earth girl who enjoys Punk Rock music. Despite her growing popularity, she remains a humble and modest young lady.

Sarah Sunday Work as a Musician

Sarah Sunday began her career in the music industry by releasing her debut hit song “Come and Find Me”. People loved the modern and old pop mixture Sarah composed to represent her likeness towards the 80’s music. Especially the young generation was seen enjoying the track at various places i.e., in parties, cars, music night clubs and many more. She gave a glimpse of her favorite singer Avril Lavigne in the song which the audience adored. The song made her popular in a short time. After a while Sarah released two more songs “Mental Zoo”, and “INK” which also won the hearts of her fans.   

Unfortunately, Sarah could not find any opportunity to release any more songs up till now due to Covid-19. The lockdown and social distancing caused by it harmed many careers, especially beginners whether they belong to the field of the business, the music industry, or any other. Sarah also became a victim of its negative effects. People were anxiously waiting for more of her music but she could not do it.

However, she has returned with an extraordinary and usual style music single “The Sky is Falling”. The song was released a few days ago and it already has more than 40k+ streams on Spotify. Looks like she never lost her fans and followers. Following the success of Sarah Sunday’s three previous songs, “The Sky is Falling” was time for Sarah and Producer Mbj to go to the studio and focus and produce.   

The song has amazing lyrics creating healthy motivation in the fans about dealing with life issues. The song title “The Sky is Falling” sure points out the feeling of everyone when faced with the hard realities of life. Everyone feels like the sky is falling on our heads and looks impossible to be safe from it. However, Sarah gives us the energy with her touching lyrics to deal with those issues, specifically stating that we all need to relax and we are not doomed. She gave the courage by saying “I promise! It’s not falling”.  


Sarah Sunday is back guys with her 4th and most brilliant song. It is going to be top of the list of pop music soon. Keep following Sarah on Instagram for her upcoming tracks and all. Till then enjoy the song!

G Gulati

G Gulati is an Author, Celebrity Interviewer, Global Personal Branding & Brand Engagement Consultant known for his experience and ability to help individuals build head-turning brands that attract opportunities. Gulati has authored 5 books, and his idea of a fun day is writing, listening to audible books and decoding personal brands through interviews and polls.

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