San Francisco Singer-Songwriter Ally Eandi is All Set To Release Her Second Single, “3 More Seconds”

Following the massive success of her debut single, Ally Eandi, a rising 18-year-old pop artist, has already become a global sensation with her relatable lyrical ballads. Ally is all 
set to release her second single, titled “3 More Seconds,” worldwide on July 16.

“3 More Seconds” is inspired by contemporary indie trailblazers such as Girl In Red, Chloe Moriondo, and Olivia Rodrigo. Her debut single, ‘My First Dance,’ depicts a perfect picture of a dreamy high school life leading up to the school dance, which is the most anticipated moment for a teenager. While her upcoming single “3 More Seconds” provides a detailed overview of unreciprocated feelings and subsequent heartbreak.

Listeners are sure to enjoy her second track, which features vivid instrumentals as well as her beautiful and captivating vocal performance.

Ally Eandi fabulously expresses her emotions and buoyancy with her latest musical offering. She has tapped into a surrealistic yet anchored pop-punk sound and wishes to spread her vibrant positivity throughout the world through her graceful melodic pop numbers. Ally Eandi deals with issues such as adolescent love, loss, and the world around her. She is a master at bringing sublime lyric illustration to life. In addition to her music, Ally is an LGTBQ+ content creator with over 50,000 TikTok followers.

“3 More Seconds” will be available on major streaming platforms pretty soon. Meanwhile, you can listen to Ally Eandi’s bold music on Spotify, visit her website, and keep up with her on Instagram and TikTok for more information.

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