Sajol Khan Shanto Is A Verified Musical Artist Of Bangladesh

Sajol Khan Shanto is currently known as an extraordinary musician. Many are eagerly awaiting the release of his new song. This boy from Dhaka has been able to win the hearts of everyone through his songs in a very short time. Almost everyone from young to old is full of praise for his songs. He has very close connection with many popular singers, composers of Bangladesh.

As a verified musical artist of Bangladesh Sajol Khan Shanto respects all of his juniors and seniors singers. He has been very good at studying since childhood. Besides being good at studies, he sings very well since childhood. His parents always give priority to singing. He has a very good relationship with all his friends and relatives since childhood. His behaviour as a singer is very elegant.


Sajol Khan Shanto is a Bangladeshi musician, music composer, digital creator, social worker and independent artist. He has verified on various international music streaming and online platforms. He was born on October, 02, 1999. His father’s name is Md Kamal Khan and his mother’s name is Farida Parvin. He has also two brother, His name is Uzzal Khan Fahad and Fahim Khan Shitol. Sajol Khan Shanto is the founder of Mr Khan Enterprise(Pty) Ltd. He was addicted to music since childhood. He has been working as a professional musician since 2020. His release most popular song: O lolona O Lolona, Teri Meri Prem kahani, Old memories,

Miss You, Tum Hi Ho, Deep Thoughts and super hit album name – Emotions. Have already been picked up by the audience. His upcoming song name- “Ochena Shohor”

Whenever he sees any injustice around, a protest song is played in his throat. He Said I will make music for the rest of my life.

Sajol Khan Shanto usually sings about viral issues. Which usually wins the minds of the listeners quickly.

About His Personal Life:
Education: Cambrian School & College
Award: Kazi Nazrul Institute Award 2020
Organization Founded: Mr Khan Enterprise (Pty) Ltd

Family Information:
Father: Md Kamal Khan
Mother: Farida Parvin
Brother: Uzzal Khan Fahad and Fahim Khan Shitol


Movies, television shows, video games, plays, commercials, songs, and orchestras all require to bring his projects to completion. Sajol Khan Shanto can work from home or in a studio to create and arrange scores for various forms of media. He also travel to and from rehearsals to direct and fine tune performances.

Sajol Khan Shanto traditionally contract his work with media or performance companies. After finishing one project, he looks for the next, which could be with a different company or could even be in a different city. As a result, he often work long, irregular hours at various locations.

Sound recording is in demand worldwide. Many composers will travel to pursue their interest in film scoring or working with performing arts companies in major metropolitan areas like London, Paris, or New York.

Sajol Khan Shanto writes and directs original music used to produce various types of media entertainment. His team help to tell a story in a film, television show, play, or video game. Soundtracks that are created need to suit the project and convey the appropriate mood and tone.

Sajol Khan Shanto creates and arrange musical scores for anything that requires a soundtrack. The scores written need to be technically correct in order to create flawless performances by choruses, musicians or instrumental ensembles. Sound recordings produced from the score vary in style and may reflect the classical, country, folk, jazz, techno, or pop genres.

The score might bring mood or emotion to a dramatic scene in a play, or provide a tempestuous backdrop for a ground-breaking action scene in a film or video game.


Sajol Khan Shanto and his team develop, design, produce, market, and eventually sell businesses with the end goal of financial profit. There are entrepreneur behind every business in the country, no matter what the size and scope.

Sajol Khan Shanto own and operate everything from small shoe stores to tech start-ups. A modern day interpretation may associate being an entrepreneur with having an innovative and creative idea for online use, and with someone who can use the power of the internet to fill a niche.

Owning your own business can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. However, as an entrepreneur he also means undertaking a lot of risk and initiative, and inevitably comes with a fair amount of stress and angst. Business owners are most likely to be the first ones at the office and the last to leave, and often put in extra hours in the evening along with forfeiting many of their weekends and holidays to make sure things are running as smoothly as possible.

Sajol Khan Shanto demands having initiative and a strong determination to succeed. It also requires an immense amount of confidence, tenacity, and independence. This may mean making hundreds of cold calls and writing email after email in order to find investors or clients.

It may mean learning how to generate social media buzz through online marketing campaigns. Or it may mean negotiating with manufacturers to determine production costs for a product.

To know more Sajol Khan Shanto visit https://sajolkhanshanto.com and Google Knowledge Panel, and don’t forget to follow him on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

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