Sahil Jaskani Managed To Create Multiple Snapchat Pages With Over 200 Million Monthly Views, Here’s How

Sahil Shafiq Jaskani is a young Generation Z entrepreneur born in Norway with Pakistani roots who has gained a great amount of supporters across his social media platforms. Jaskani has been able to grow a very large following base across multiple platforms at once, in just under one year. For being just 14 years old, Jaskani has set a new world record in today’s era.

Sahil started his Snapchat journey when he was just 11 years old. He slowly but surely set new standards when his most subscribed page, “lolz” topped over 1,000,000 subscribers.

Jaskani knew what had to be done, so he created a long term plan. Sahil stated that people are different so he created multiple pages. All of his pages combined puts him at roughly 2,5 million subscribers. In an interview with Thrive Global he said — I researched methods on how to grow my social media pages and nothing really seemed to work. Some years later I found out what worked and what didn’t. I applied that strategy into my accounts and the following base were booming like crazy. I simply didn’t give up posting content and that’s why my pages succeed in the end.

The secret behind Sahil success is “Keep pushing”. Sahil’s mantra shared the struggles of running a business. He explained how its such a headache, but no matter the problems, you must keep pushing.

Sahil said,“ The school system didn’t give me enough challenges”. He knew that if he wanted to become successful he had to create a side hustle. He did what others were not doing at that time and got tremendous support from his followers across all social media platforms. Positivity is what Sahil loves to create through his content and he feels blessed to be born with all the latest advancements in technology. “Social Media can rightly be called as the mode of self-education. I got to learn a lot about it through the internet and not the books”, he ends.