Ruby Yang: What you need to know about her and her newest show “Narcissist Echo”

Ruby Yang has used the pandemic and downtime to fully come into her own and has created the exhibition “Narcissist Echo” which is based on a multitude of life experiences. “The name comes from a Greek myth “Metamorphosis” by Ovid. The show is about some thinking of love- Something you did you thought was romantic, but maybe it was just a narcissist echo.” She said.

The exhibition statement was written with an artificial intelligence writing engine and runs home the theme of fictional short stories. “I want to let people feel instead of telling them how to feel or in what way they are going to see the works,” She said.

Yang collaborated with other artists to make mirror pieces of fragmented, fictional stories. Through words and mirrors she wants viewers to connect their experiences. There will also be an installation with cinder blocks, chains, and engravings on pebbles. Greatly inspired by cubism and concrete poems that involve deconstruction and recreation of forms and meanings, Yang is willing to go further down the path of researching and developing her works.

She will be showing paintings as well, “I think painting itself is a bridge that connects me to the viewers. I view this reality as a fictional reality. Making this body of work is also a self-reflection about love. By repeating myself day after day in the studio, I feel as if this was a punishment to myself, my ability and disability to love. Each work is a relief, a conclusion, a reflection.” 

Presented by Yiwei Gallery, located at the Bergamot Arts Center, 2525 Michigan Ave Suite B2, Santa Monica, CA 90404, the photographic art gallery based in Los Angeles and Shanghai is the perfect location to display her newest work. 

To go back to the beginning, she started using art as a way to express her emotions at a very young age. “ I was really shy when I was young. But the drawings I made I view them as dairies, or some records of my life experiences” She said. She has since found her artistic voice and her use of color and different accents in each piece allows her to truly express her emotions, views on different topics, and struggles. Her hallmark style is poetic with mixed media, which fans have come to love and adore. 

Out of childhood, she never did view art as a career and originally went to school for philosophy, but artists have a calling and she couldn’t ignore hers any longer and eventually went to study at the Art Institute of Chicago. She left behind Chicago and philosophy and moved to the California Bay area, where her passions began to thrive. 

Yang is braving a new path for artists – inspired by concrete poems, fluxus movement, Cy Twombly, Music, and Films, she can pull incredible works out of the mundane daily routine. Characterized by continuously expanding investigation into painting, her practice transformed into multi-media, that allows her to unfold the space in painting into spaces within digital media, real-life spaces, and performance. 

She found her voice and ran with it. She dove in head first as she discovered she loved the process of making art, not just the outcome. “The process of making. It often involves consciousness and unconsciousness, chaos and order, reason and feelings, intentions. The process itself is free, and you are being honest to yourself.”