Ronyea wants to change the way we are listening to music

Is it still possible to see light in so much darkness? With songs like Ready 4 Luv , Body, and Que Pasa Ronyea Parker is here to change the way we listen to the sound of music.  With an new sound of hiphop, multi cultural sounds, and a new vibe for music Ronyea wants to change the way we are listening to music.

With an upcoming EP (Dreaming In Daylight), Ronyea and his producer Professor Beam (From Savannah, Ga) are delivering a sound that will keep you coming back for more and reflecting mentally. 

Jumping freely into music and not looking back, we look forward to see what Ronyea and Professor Beam brings to the industry.  Born in raised in San Bernardino, Ca. As a child  purpose is what called Ronyea. After the attacks on 911, Ronyea joined the US Army where he was stationed in GA serving 15 years of active duty, completing of 9 combat deployments, and 12 years with the Army’s Special Operations Command (USASOC). Now with a new chapter Ronyea, is here to put past life experience and new experiences faced and add it to the sound of his music.

To know more about Ronyea don’t forget to follow him on Instagram @ronyea_parker4