Rolex Watch Price in Singapore: Get the Best Deal on Your Dream Watch

If you have a passion for watches, it’s a good time to be a collector. There’s never been a better time to invest in a fine timepiece, with the price of entry to the luxury watch market dropping across the board.

If you’ve been eyeing a new Rolex watch but put off by the high price, then you’re in luck. This article explores how much a Rolex watch price compares with the value you get for your money with other luxury watch brands.

What is the price of a new Rolex watch?

The Rolex watch price will depend on the model and what type of metal you want it made from. For example, a steel Daytona will cost about $5,800 while one made of gold will be around $11,200.

Rolex is known for its quality and high-end products, so you can expect to pay more than other luxury brands. However, what you get in return is a timepiece that will look beautiful on your wrist for years to come.

Of course, with any investment in luxury goods comes the potential for risk. With Rolex specifically, this risk is mitigated by the company’s lifetime warranty policy. You can rest assured that your investment isn’t wasted just because something goes wrong.

How much does a new Rolex Submariner cost?

The price of a new Submariner watch varies based on the model you choose. For example, the Rolex Submariner 114110LN will cost you about $7,000. The Rolex Submariner 114060M is also around $7,000.

How much does a new Rolex GMT cost?

A new Rolex GMT watch can cost anywhere from S$10,000 to S$30,000. The price all depends on the country you buy it in, the timepiece you purchase, and your bargaining skills.

What is the value you get for your money with a new Rolex Watch?

There are a number of factors that go into making up the price for a Rolex watch.

• Material: The type of material can affect the price, with gold watches costing more than stainless steel ones.

• Movement: Watches with automatic mechanical movement will cost more than those with quartz.

• Design: The design of your Rolex watch will also affect its price. If you choose to buy one of the older models, then it’s likely to be cheaper than a newer one.

• Luxury tax: In some countries, such as Singapore, there is a luxury tax on watches that are priced over $2,000 per piece. It is unclear how much this will add to the final cost; however, this amount is 2% and 5% in France and China, respectively.

When you buy a Rolex, you are getting the best of the best. The company offers various watches from high-end watches for everyday wear to sporty watches for the weekend, and even high-tech watches for space exploration. No matter what your needs are, you are sure to find a watch that fits your lifestyle. You may not be able to buy the most expensive Rolex right away, but you can get a one that perfectly suits your needs and budget.