Rising Star Up.Trumpet Releases New Song “Insecure”

Italian native, USA-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Up.Trumpet has been busy since releasing his debut single, “Pillow Tree,” at the beginning of the summer this year. Up.Trumpet is back with his fourth single, “Insecure.” “Insecure” is a laid-back R&B/Soul song with Funk flair.

“Insecure” has a melancholic, somber yet vibey tone to it. “The song was written after some lonely days spent in Rome for a recording session,” Up.Trumpet states. The song’s title gives away the premise of the record.

The catchy single was produced and co-written by MadD3E. The chill song may be primarily an R&B/Soul track, but it does have an eclectic sound as elements of Pop and Rock can be heard through the captivating guitar riffs. Up.Trumpet has been on a roll, and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The rising star is just getting started and has more incredible music in store for fans to vibe to.

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