Rising from the City of Richmond: The Hip Hop Phenom Justis Bratt

Female rapper Justis Bratt is set to light up the music industry as she returns to her hometown in Virginia, to promote her hit singles and engage in a highly anticipated interview with top blogger Derrick on VA.ARTIS VA Live, on April 22, 2023. Justis Bratt, a rising star known for her infectious rap style and captivating lyrics, is making waves in the industry with her smash hits Look How I Ate and Haha Please Be Kind, while showcasing her city RVA and its immense talent to the world.

Look How I Ate, distributed by DanMark Music Group and Hollywood Starstruck Records, is trending on TikTok, hitting 5 million streams and boasting over 200 videos attached to its sound. The song’s lyrics reflect her hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the music industry, while showcasing her versatility and originality as an artist.

Justis Bratt’s other hit single, Haha Please Be Kind, released by The Heavy Group/Republic Records/Universal Music Group, has already surpassed 1 million streams on Spotify and over 168 million insights worldwide. The track is a celebration of unity and empathy, while also shining a light on the immense talent emerging from Richmond. The song is currently viral on TikTok with over 39 thousand videos attached to its sound, a testament to her phenomenal fan base and powerful message.

Justis Bratt is set to take her hometown by storm, promoting her music and sharing her experiences with her fans. In an interview, she expressed her excitement, “It’s great to be back home in Virginia, representing my city RVA, and promoting my music. I am excited to connect with my fans, share my journey with them and showcase the wealth of talent we have here.”

The interview with Derrick on VA.ARTIS/VA.Live promises to be a riveting and insightful discussion about Justis Bratt’s music, her journey in the music industry, and her love for RVA. Fans can expect to hear her intelligent insights and her unique perspective on the industry, making for an unforgettable experience.

Justis Bratt’s success with Look How I Ate and Haha Please Be Kind is a testament to her incredible talent, unwavering determination, and hard work, while also showcasing RVA’s immense potential in the music industry. Her infectious energy and versatility as an artist are sure to propel her to new heights in the industry, while continuing to put her city on the map.