Review of Harley Medic International: Excellent Service

COVID-19 testing companies have been receiving a lot of press over the last few months, with many failing to deliver on their COVID-19 testing services, especially focused around travel.

In this week’s round-up we will be reviewing the service provided by Harley Medic International, one of the UK’s largest COVID-19 testing providers. 

According to their COO, Adonis Hakkim, their service was set up to “offer an all-in-one affordable solution for private COVID-19 testing, aiming to fix the many problems that other providers have faced.”

According to Adonis, this was implemented by utilising multiple fail-safe options, by having a network of labs to increase capacity and mitigate the risk of failures. This was especially important following multiple large companies failing in December, after labs became overwhelmed with demand.

Review of Harley Medic London

After using their service in London, Marylebone, we were highly impressed. The clinic was clean, professional, and easy to find from the closest underground station.

We were greeted by a lovely young nurse, who took us to the registration/reception area. There was a small queue of around 2 people, but the wait time was no longer than 5 minutes. From there, we were swabbed by a one of the nurses, this conducted gently and was too invasive. Previous COVID-19 PCR swabs we have used have been a lot more intrusive and uncomfortable, but the Harley Medic on seemed to be thinner and better quality.

Now the important part, getting the results. This is always the most nerve raking process of the getting tested for COVID-19. We came in for our test at 11:00am that day. Guess when we got our results? Absolutely impeccable, the results were issued at 18:00 that same day, results withing 7 hours.

This was really the most impressive part of the process, and why we believe that Harley Medic International is one of the best private fit to fly COVID-19 testing providers in the UK.

We have also been informed that Harley Medic will be launching a new genetic and private blood test service in the coming months. Checking for various biomarkers in a similar format to their COVID-19 network. We will be interested to review this service once it has launched.

Overall, we are impressed with Harley Medic, although they are not the cheapest on the market, they are definitely one of the fastest and most reliable. Something that is very important when travel plans are on the line!