Return of the Destination Wedding: How to Plan a Post-Pandemic Destination Wedding

It’s kind of hard to believe how long this has been going on. For well over a year, COVID has been up in our business, putting our plans on hold, mucking with far too many aspects of our lives. Travel all but ceased, a bummer for jetsetters with a serious case of wanderlust, but it was an especially acute disappointment for a specific segment: all the couples out there who had to scrap plans for destination weddings. 

Lavish getaway weddings were put on the shelf or downsized into small, intimate affairs, hardly larger than your standard elopement. Dream weddings became meh weddings during the age of COVID. 

But that was then. Now, with COVID-19 easing its grip and pent-up energy surging through so many of us, wedding destinations have come roaring back in a big, big way. Many couples are doing it up larger than they ever envisioned, celebrating their union while turning their weddings into grand opportunities to reunite with friends and family they’ve gone a painfully long stretch without seeing. 

What do you need to know about planning a destination wedding in a post-pandemic world? That’s what we’re here to help with. So be sure to pack up those truly show-stopping, unique wedding rings you’ll be sliding onto each other’s fingers and let’s hit the road for that perfect destination wedding. 

Don’t Wait to Lock Down Arrangements

As we noted previously, the pandemic has made a lot of things a lot less predictable. There’s one thing, though, that you can know with close to 100 percent certainty: Wedding vendors and venues are getting all booked up at a crazy-fast rate. 

So do not sleep on making your arrangements. Some venues are already solidly booked through 2022. If you wait too long, you may have to wait an additional year to get married at your dream locale. 

And aren’t we all kind of sick of waiting? Yeah, the time is now. So jump on it. 

Beware Travel Restrictions and Hotspots

We hate to admit it, but there’s still uncertainty around travel these days. You never know for sure whether a variant will emerge and throw up blockades, sending you scrambling again. Even if you and your spouse and all your attendees are ready to head forth and proceed with the nuptials, hotspots may throw things into disarray. An outbreak may lead to travel restrictions or your venue may suddenly find itself understaffed or altogether shut down due to a COVID surge.  

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So know the risks as you plan. And be sure to stay up to date on the latest pandemic-related travel restrictions. 

The intention here is certainly not to dissuade. Let this merely serve as a reminder that this altogether unpredictable pandemic occasionally takes the steering wheel, relegating us to backseat driver duties. Be mindful of this reality as you move forward: Sometimes, the pandemic calls the shots. 

Consider Guest Unease and Elder Health 

Understand that with the pandemic not yet entirely in the rearview, some of your friends and loved ones may remain hesitant to travel. Of course, there’s a chance that some folks may still be altogether unwilling to hop on a plane and join you in whatever exotic locale you’ve booked.   

And remember that older folks and those with comorbidities are far more likely to suffer severe cases, should they become infected. So do what you can to protect your grandparents and any other attendees who may be extra vulnerable. 

Have conversations about what you can do to ease any guest anxiety. Perhaps some of your attendees will want to be sure and only mingle with the vaccinated. If that’s the case, help arrange that for them.  

Understand that even if you are more than ready to get back out there in the world, some folks aren’t quite there yet. Perhaps they have small kids and are worried about keeping them healthy. Perhaps they are immunocompromised or their age puts them among the more vulnerable cohort. 

Just remember that comfort level varies and do your best to respect that. 

Remember to Have Fun, Dammit!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we shouldn’t go around taking things for granted. So let this serve as a reminder to you and your spouse-to-be: ENJOY YOURSELVES TO THE FULLEST. Don’t stress about making sure every little detail is perfect. As long as you get hitched and everyone’s beers stay cold, you’re good. 

Be happy you have each other. Be thankful for all those smiling faces. Be thankful that you’re all healthy

This has been a crazy, isolating time. So do your absolute damn best to kick worry to the curb and bask in the opportunity to tie the knot before a glorious gathering of all the people you love.