Republican California US Senate Candidate Jon Elist Launches First Ad Entitled Pinocchio

Elist’s ad highlights the lying, incompetent career politicians in Washington and Sen. Alex Padilla’s lack of real-world experience

Today, common sense conservative outsider, small business owner, former government advisor, and candidate for California’s U.S. Senate seat, Jon Elist, announced the launch of his first video ad of the cycle entitled “Pinocchio.”

In the ad, Elist calls attention to politicians in Washington who continue to make false promises and lie to the American people.  The ad buy comes as Elist outraised the entire Republican field of Senate candidates in the most recent reporting period.

Watch the ad here:

“Jon Elist isn’t a politician – he’s a successful small businessman and proud parent who is running for the U.S. Senate because politicians in Washington like Alex Padilla continue to lie, make false promises, and only make things worse,” said Chief Campaign Strategist John Thomas.

“I’m proud to release our first ad of the cycle as our campaign continues to build momentum,” said Elist. “Americans deserve a real choice instead of being forced to settle for failed career politicians like Alex Padilla. I look forward to running an aggressive campaign across every corner of the state to defeat Padilla in November.”