Relevance of Princess-cut Diamonds

Unlike round-cut diamonds, princess-cut diamonds define the sultry appeal of brilliance because of their edginess and style. As the round-cut diamonds are considered to be timeless and classic making it romantic, this style is intrigued to be a “hopeless form of romanticism”. Thus, its edgy shape gives the impression of “thrilling” and “sharp” appeals that exhibit different and even very opposite sensations of the round-cut diamonds. It is very important to evaluate the shape of the diamond before buying one. More than choosing the design and style of your engagement ring, the diamond’s profile and shape identify the whole jewelry piece and the purpose of why you are wearing it. The shape is what gives gems their personality. And now, to highlight the princess cut to shape, its form and composition endure a big elegance and guarantee that people will notice you everywhere you go. To get an in-depth idea visit

The practicality of Princess-cut Diamonds

Though it is one of the common diamond designs, princess-cut can still make unique and personalized designs. These square-shaped gems with bevelled edges and sharp corners resemble an inverted pyramidal structure making it truly historical and exceptionally iconic. The best place to buy diamonds and princess-cut is Rare Carat.

Rare Carat offers the best princess cut diamonds for sale and for customization to come up with the engagement ring of your dreams. Princess cuts are wonderful and creative discoveries because they can look larger than their carat weight. Its cut has less weight because it can sparkle and shine even with fewer cuts and edges. But through its bevelled edges and the sharpness of the corners depending on the cut grade of each piece, this profile is effortlessly and inevitably regal-looking. Its elegance is enough to represent a royalty’s character such as power, strength, and confidence.

The Significance of Princess-cut Diamonds

This shape is one of the favorite cuts among contemporary and avant-garde customers. Both men and women love this shape as it looks clean, edgy, and versatile. Princess cut are symbolic in film, entertainment, and music because of their geometric design and crisp line. This could be a great measure that the cut shape deserves the royal name “princess” because it is practical and sustainable through its heroic creativity and luxury it gives with less labor and cutting wastage. Get these highly-acknowledged pieces of jewelry, so get more information here and buy diamonds at Rare Carat now. You can also modify your search for the diamonds’ jewellery design and settings through their search options and filter in the platform.

Here are the most iconic moments of princess cut diamonds in pop culture:


Among the celebrities wearing princess-cut diamond rings are Kate Bosworth, Hillary Duff, Emily Ratajkowski, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Jamie Pressley. There is no wonder that the princess cut makes a mark as one of the most preferred shapes by celebrities whether as an engagement ring, gift, or just a personal choice because it can perfectly match and pair with any outfit, color, and occasion. This shape’s complex combination of simplicity and graciousness makes it wearable at home, with street-style fashion, red carpet events, weddings, and work conferences.

Meanwhile, before becoming officially wedded to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle also used to wear a princess-cut diamonds trilogy ring with round-cut diamonds on its sides as pave=setting, as one of her collections.


Athletes like Hank Baskett were also mesmerized by the luminous attractiveness of this diamond shape as he gifted his girlfriend, Kendra Wilkinson, with a 2.24-carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring when he popped the question.

TV and Films

Princess-cut diamonds influence the media throughout their introduction since the 60s. Films and TV shows use princess-cut diamonds during engagement proposals, music videos, and iconic rings of fantasy plots in movies and films.


Moreover, Beyonce Knowles’ “Flawless” single featuring Nicki Minaj released in August 2014 has the term “princess cut on my Disney” in the song lyrics which talk about the liberation of a pretty woman’s dreams.

The versatility in Pop culture and history

This shape’s structure can definitely go with any engagement ring or ring style whether Halo, Solitaire, Pave, Three-stone, or combined designs in any setting. The classic and timeless build of the shape can go with any metal choice from rose gold to platinum. More than a centrepiece stone in a jewelry, the princess cut diamonds are also found in crowns, tiaras, and as stand-alone treasures.