Reevanth Lama – A Young Entrepreneur, helps businesses during this pandemic

While COVID-19 forces many businesses to shut down, Reevanth Lama, a young Indian Entrepreneur innovates software products helping such affected businesses by setting up their online presence so that these businesses can still function without any difficulties.

“Covid-19 should not let us down, rather we should all stay strong, hold each other’s hand and help one another stand back on our feets and fight it together. Let’s say you have a small shop selling handmade items but during these trying times you weren’t able to get customers and sell your goods. That’s where we come in, set up your online store, help you with the marketing, bring in organic traffic and get you new online orders which then you can process and send it to the required customer.”, he reportedly says.

Reevanth started his business journey at the age of 17 as a freelancer. His company, Reev Technologies, now has over 400+ clients all over India. He has led to major innovations in the field of software.

Reevanth has the experience of working with a multitude of businesses, companies, hospitals, publishers, and schools providing them unique software solutions for their needs.

What is your dream about the future?
Not everyone can afford to make software that suits their business needs. Someday in the future, I see an innovation in the tech world that will help anyone make any kind of softwares all by themselves without the hassle of any programmer. Just a few clicks here and there and automatically you’ll have a ready to go software in your hand.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
My father’s a software engineer and a businessman. Growing up, I’ve always seen him with his computer and have always had an interest in computers.

I haven’t been great with studies in my school days but the only subject that I could do the best is in Computer Applications.

How do you build a successful customer base?
Three pointers to this question:
1. Deliver more than what they expect.
2. Quality of the product is always the number one priority.
3. Never underestimate others, there is always someone better than you. So give your best to keep a hold on that customer to yourself.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?
My Father, though he has been my super hero for like ever but also he has always shown and given real life knowledge like no one.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
80% chances are that you might fail, but don’t give up. If you see potential in something then go for it, no matter what.

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