Razu X has you drowning in fun and pleasure with his new single “Drifter”

The new single “Drifter” from Razu X has fans blown away. The song shattered Spotify records just a few weeks after its release. Razu X’s rapid prominence has sparked much debate. His career as a musician is on the rise because of the song.

There is no obvious connection between the sounds that Razu X employs in his works. However, if you listen, you’ll realize there is no other way the sounds could have been put together. The musical prowess of Razu X is on full display in this track.

Razu X stands out as a solo artist with his song “Drifter.” An unmistakable quality permeates his voice. It’s easy to see that he’s gifted. One of today’s most exciting new artists. He’s making his move and establishing a reputation. But, in the years to come, he’ll be held to a higher standard.

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