Rare Carat Marketplace: The Key to Unlocking Affordable Luxury

Diamond jewelry is one of the most popular luxury items since it is both expensive and exclusive. Sparkling diamonds greatly enhance the appearance of the person wearing them, and larger diamonds are preferred since they are more noticeable and attractive. However, the price of a diamond depends to a large extent on the size, with larger mined diamonds being rarer and more expensive. To overcome this problem, increasingly diamond buyers are preferring to purchase Lab Diamonds which are available at a price that is cheaper than mined or natural diamonds, making luxury diamond jewelry especially engagement rings more affordable.

Diamond size

Many people wear jewelry as a fashion accessory to enhance their appearance. Hence, they would like to purchase the largest sized diamond which they can afford. While there are a large number of smaller natural diamonds available, there are comparatively fewer natural diamonds of size one carat or more. The limited supply of natural diamonds increases the price of these diamonds, and many young people who are interested in large diamonds for their engagement rings or other jewelry may not be able to afford them. Hence increasingly Lab Grown Diamonds are being marketed as an affordable alternative to natural diamonds.

Rare Carat

Rare Carat is the largest diamond marketplace in North America specializing in supplying a wide range of lab diamonds at affordable prices. Though Rare Carat was launched only in 2016, it has quickly become the most preferred option for diamond buyers since it offers the best deals, listing diamonds available at more than 150 wholesalers and jewelers. Additionally, it uses sophisticated algorithms to find out the best diamonds suitable for the buyer. Diamond buyers can also consult a GIA-certified gemologist to get free advice on purchasing the right diamond. A lifetime warranty is offered on the diamond ring and buyers can return the diamond within a 30-day period if they are not happy with it.

Lab-grown diamonds

In 2016 most diamond buyers would purchase a natural diamond for their engagement ring or other jewelry since they usually had no other option. However, in the last few years lab diamonds have become extremely popular since the buyer can purchase a far larger diamond for the same price. Specifically at present, more than half the engagement rings purchased in America have a lab diamond. Most people are wearing their engagement ring for a few months or years before they are getting married. So they prefer to purchase the largest diamond which they can afford and opt for lab diamonds that cost less than natural diamonds.


Additionally, most people who are getting engaged and require engagement rings are young, so they want to sparkle large diamonds as a fashion accessory that people will notice. They are not very worried about the resale value of the diamond, so lab diamonds are the ideal choice for young diamond buyers. Though the price of a diamond also depends on other factors like the clarity, cut, shape, and color, the size and weight of the diamond determine the cost to a large extent. Mining natural diamonds is an expensive process, and it is difficult to find larger diamonds naturally. In contrast, it is easier to control the size of the lab-grown diamonds, so the larger lab-grown diamonds are offered far cheaper than natural diamonds of the same size.

Another major advantage of purchasing lab-grown diamonds is that they have exactly the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds. This makes it very difficult for most people to distinguish between a natural and a lab diamond, only a jeweler with sophisticated equipment will be able to find out the difference. Lab diamonds are also considered to be more sustainable, causing less damage to the environment. Each lab diamond is traceable, the IGI or GIA certification number is provided.


While many diamond buyers would like to purchase a large lab diamond to make their jewelry exclusive and attractive, they often find that the local jewelers are not stocking lab-grown diamonds or only have a limited stock of diamonds available. Hence, they are preferring to purchase the lab diamonds they want from the Rare Carat marketplace, where they can easily compare the prices and specifications of the large lab diamonds available, and then choose a suitable diamond. Thus, Rare Carat makes luxurious diamond jewelry more affordable for everyone, offering the best deal for lab-grown diamonds.