Rare Carat Inc. Receives Positive BBB Rating for Jewelry Advisory Service in New York

Rare Carat is the best diamond seller, and BBB’s (Better Business Bureau) positive review of its jewelry advisory service indicates its trustworthiness and performance. The bureau was created in 1912 and has been one of the trusted resources for determining whether various companies are legit. The bureau helps buyers gain more trust in business transactions done with the rated company.

Rare Carat’s positive BBB rating for jewelry advisory service in New York is great news. The positive review assures customers they can trust Rare Carat and rely on their Jewelry advisory services. BBB derives its positive ratings from various factors, including its response to customer complaints.

How do the ratings work?

Most consumers use letter grades to determine whether to engage with a business or try another alternative. The ratings depend on various factors; however, some components carry more weight than others. Each business gains or loses a point in 13 areas providing a possible total score of 100.

Factors that carry the most weight include unanswered or unresolved complaints, failure to honor arbitration or mediation, the type of business, and whether any government actions are facing the company. BBB converts each company’s numerical score to a letter grade between A to F.

Why did Rare Carat get a positive BBB review?

Customer service

Rare Carat provides excellent customer service, ensuring all customer concerns are handled correctly. Additionally, Rare Carat listens to its customers and values their opinion. They understand the importance of maintaining excellent customer service and ensuring customers recognize their company culture. You can follow them on Twitter to see their customer interactions.

Rare Carat understands that good customer service has a significant impact beyond the company’s reputation. They understand that a good customer service experience impacts the business, its performance, and how the public perceives them. Rarecarat provides the best customer service, hence the positive BBB review.

Solving customer complaints

Often, complaints management is handled by customer service. It is an essential component of business success and customer relations. It helps companies gather valuable insights about their customers and help companies progress and make improvements that lead to increased productivity, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

As mentioned earlier, Rare Carat understands the importance of providing the best customer service. The company has invested a lot of resources to ensure its customers receive the best jewelry advisory services and quick solutions to all relevant challenges impeding their positive experience with Rare Carat.

High-quality products

Another factor setting Rare Carat apart from the competition is its high-quality products. Rare Carat values its customers and ensures they provide the best jewelry fitting their customers’ needs. Rare Carat’s high-quality products and an experienced team that provides unbiased advice make it a reliable and trusted company.

Rarecarat’s high-quality products help make deeper connections with potential buyers allowing them to believe and appreciate what the company offers. Rarecarat’s dedication to providing good products helps increase its ranking and positive reviews on BBB, Trustpilot, and Google’s business profile.

Professional website

Rarecarat has a simple, professional website dedicated to helping customers quickly get what they are searching for. The interactive website provides customers with various purchase options, including starting with a diamond or the setting. New buyers can also take a quiz to help customer service determine what jewel suits them best.

Additionally, customers can shop natural or lab-created diamonds or shop ring styles. They also have a selection of other types of jewelry, ensuring each customer buys a product they’ll appreciate for years to come. Finally, rare carat provides free and insured shipping and 30-day returns, no questions asked.

What makes Rare Carat trustworthy?

Rarecarat provides a free gemologist that checks your diamonds to determine whether they are GIA-certified and whether they pass the 4Cs on the diamond buying guide. The free gemologist helps assure the buyer of the diamond’s authenticity. This helps them decide whether they should invest in the purchase.

The free gemologist is Rarecarat’s way of providing an open and trusted purchase process. The process allows buyers to select their preferred diamonds freely and have their authenticity confirmed, ensuring the buyer is satisfied with their purchase. This factor helps improve customers’ trust in Rarecarat.


Rarecarat is a trusted diamond dealer, and BBB’s positive review only affirms what they’ve worked to achieve all these years. Rarecarat values its customers and has set various regulations and procedures to ensure customers get the best products and experiences during their purchases. Follow www.youtube.com/c/RareCarat for more information about their reputation and culture.