Rapper Santa Sallet Releases His Newest Single & Music Video “Just Another Tuesday”

Washington-based indefatigable rapper Santa Sallet has released his newest single and music video, titled ‘Just Another Tuesday’, from his upcoming mixtape, Plutography. The rapper has started to make a significant buzz in the industry ever since the release of ‘Just Another Tuesday.’

“Just Another Tuesday” is a hip-hop song written by Santa Sallet, and MSP producer Nemizzo mixed the track, making it sound even better. The rapper has done a fantastic job crafting this track by extracting the high octane essence of new-age hip-hop music. His eclectic rapping style and catchy wordplay are just enough to hypnotize the audience.

A bass-heavy beat and digital grooves very well complement the artist’s fluid-like lyrical and rhythmic flow. The MSP duo, Nemizzo and Santa, and a white BMW i8 appear in the music video for “Just Another Tuesday.”

Speaking about the music video, Santa Sallet said, “Gee-wiz… What an adventure it was making this video. The first half of the video was filmed with a super producer and the better half of MSP, Nemizzo, while I was on a trip to Montpellier. I absolutely had to have him in my first official real, real music video. Then when I got back to Washington, D.C., it was time to shoot the second half of the video. I rented a white BMW i8, as the inspiration for this song was a freestyle where I talked about whipping a white car. (I whip that white!).”

He further said, “This is just what being a rapper is all about—just hanging out with your friends, spending the money you made, and enjoying life. To most, this type of lifestyle is hard to attain. To me, it was Just Another Tuesday.”


Santa Sallet is a Washington, DC-based rapper, producer, and businessman. Sallet’s sound is confident, versatile, and playful. With his sheer individuality, talent, and skill, he recreates the authentic essence of hip-golden hop’s era.

‘Just Another Tuesday’ has been accompanied by an official music video in which listeners can witness the genius singer’s unwavering personality along with the indistinct dose of confidence.

“Just Another Tuesday” is now available on Spotify and all major streaming platforms. For more information, go to the Santa Sallet website: http://www.santasallet.com/