Rakhi Renovation: Refreshing Your Home with Berger Wall Paints

Rakhi holds great importance and is a festival of bonding, love, and celebration. It’s a time when sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers as a gesture of protecting them from evil eyes. Along with the rituals, siblings share love and joy and create happy memories.

Planning to renovate or design your house during this time can be a great decision. Berger paints offer the perfect shade to give your house a new look and fill it with positive energy. 

We have shared a few tips to look after if you plan to do the wall painting for the occasion of Rakhi and redesign your house.

Choose Warm and Inviting Colors

Rakhi is a festival of love and connection. So, choosing colors that signify love and purity can charm your house. Berger paint offers many color options, from soothing pastels to rich earth. Shades like orange, yellow, and pink can create comfort and happiness. Berger paints are here to increase your happiness by adding colors to your life. 

Create Accent Walls

Experts say this wall type is a great way to make your house shine like your personality. Paint one wall of any of your rooms with a vibrant and bold color from the vast Berger collection. However, this wall can later be used as the main point, adding a soft touch to your house. Additionally, look for colors that recreate a moment with your existing décor.

Embrace Playful Patterns

Patterns can be a perfect add-on to bring energy and life to your house. Berger Express Painting offers numerous stencils and textured paints perfect for creating a playful pattern. These small hacks can add brightness and positivity to your house. Moreover, users can also contact the experts to know which color will suit their house. 

Incorporate Traditional Elements

Rakhi is a festival rooted in tradition, and you can reflect the love through your home’s decoration. Users can use the Berger paints to develop a backdrop that appreciates traditional elements such as rangoli, diyas, and floral decoration. 

Elegant Finishes

Berger paint comes with numerous types of finishes, from glossy to matte. Consider using finishes that boost the festive environment of your house. However, the glossy finish can add brightness to accent pieces, whereas matte finishes can develop an inviting and cozy atmosphere. 

Outdoor Décor

Don’t limit your Rakhi Celebration to the interior color; consider using weather-resistant paint. Give your balcony, dining room, and garden wall a new look using a refreshing color that reflects positivity.


Using Berger paints can add a layer of happiness to your Rakhi celebration and make your festival memorable. From personalized touches to warm colors, people can use different types of paints to create a surrounding that reflects the sign of bond and love you can share with your siblings.

Along with tying Rakhi threads, tie a bond with the Berger paint to make your house shine. Berger Paint understands the importance of love and bonding; consider going through the vast product line to choose a color that will add life to your dry party.