Radmila Lolly: Writer, Singer, or a Fashion Designer?

Radmila Lolly is a storyteller at heart. She is a composer, singer, writer, and couture designer. She expresses herself through different art mediums and proves that – an artist can evolve into various art forms.

She never let others inhibit her growth; or confine her or her ideas.

What was the route Radmila took to arrive where she is today?

She started as a classical singer, but she was never satisfied to perform someone else’s music composition. It was vital for her to tell her own story in her musical way.

As soon as she started to work with various producers, composers, and songwriters, she was finally on the right path.

That journey led her to start writing her own lyrics and compose her music. At that point, she finally felt free, and her musical voice was flying in enigmatic ways.

Photographer – Eugene Manning

Radmila’s musical highlights entail:

Releasing both of her albums at one of the most iconic venues in the world – Carnegie Hall and Zankel Hall. 

Two of Radmila’s songs – U R Moving me & Tonight made it to the Billboard – Dance Club Song Chart.

This illustrates when you are authentic within yourself, success follows.

In 2016 Radmila simultaneously debuted her Couture “Extravaganza” Collection at Gotham Hall in New York. Fantastic reviews and numerous client requests followed the show.

Since then, her designs have been seen worn by such

celebrities as:

Gayle King, Mya, Bebe Rexha, and Nicole Ari Parker.

Also, Radmila’s unique fashion vision led her to dress amazing artists for their red carpet moments at the most prominent awards ceremonies in the world such as the Grammy’s, Daytime Emmys, and the Academy Awards.

Radmila’s journey didn’t stop there, and her designs made it to top magazine publications such as Elle, Vogue, Glamour, L’Officiel, and many more.

In addition, Radmila dresses orchestral musicians for performances. Her knowledge of music helped her to translate it to the costume part of the performance.

Photographer – Vel Mensah


Radmila takes eight weekly instrumental lessons for composition purposes, which helped her to understand what attire orchestra musicians need to wear without the clothing interfering, resulting in a flawless performance.

What’s next:

Radmila has been working on her novel DIVA since 2014. In 2018, she began working on composing the 27-movement album that corresponds with the DIVA story. She also began designing the couture collection that blends with the DIVA story as well. The book and the album are in the editing stages and will be released in early 2022, with a grandiose multi-media performance. Due to Covid-19, the release performance had been delayed. It will include an orchestra, a live band, five different styles of dancers, and all the performers (including Radmila) will be wearing pieces from the DIVA collection from her couture fashion house Eltara Casata. She has recently released a trailer for both the short film and book versions of DIVA, which can be seen on her Instagram page.

For more updates about her life, upcoming music, and new fashion collections, you can follow her on Instagram @radmilalolly

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