R.P.D.B.’s 9-track album ‘#1’ is a Perfect Food for the Soul!

R.P.D.B.’s ‘#1’ is an enlivening musical haven for music lovers. The project is the culmination of everything the group has been working on since releasing their first project, “No Way Out/Conservative Bars.” R.P.D.B.’s ‘#1’ is a 9-track album that has everything that listeners need to satisfy their souls. The album is a perfect piece of work. As you listen to this album, you experience different styles and genres of music. 

The group itself undertook everything from lyrics to production to mixing and everything else in between. The album ‘#1′ is a unique blend of psychedelic, Brit-rock, and alternative, with guitar, groovy bass, and keys’ inspired sounds. 

The album opens up with ‘Tappy,’ a unique blend of country music and instrumental. This enthralling track is based on acoustic guitar. The next song in the album is ‘Fidelity,’ it is exactly what it says it is – focusing on how important it is to be loyal and faithful. 

Another song in the album is “Raw Naked Sex.” This is an amazing song with powerful background music that is sure to tempt listeners. The next song, ‘Brown Muff,’ delivers lo-fi music that will make listeners have a club vibe experience. “Honey Woods” is next in the list that delivers rock angle – Perfect to create a party-like environment and have a lovely time. 

After Honey Woods, you get to hear “Andy’s 12 oz.” that will make you shake your booty. Then, “Sudden Weight” is a fine example of electronic dance music. The second last in the list is “Pyre,” with beautiful lyrics that will mesmerize you. This track, in particular, will make you reminisce about the legendary singer MJ. 

The album closes with ‘G-Rhodes Penis,’ an electrifying mix of instrumental and a hushed vocal tone, which makes a great conclusion to this album. Overall, #1 is a perfect treat to music lovers that showcases R.P.D.B.’s incomparable mix of unique styles and genres. 

About R.P.D.B.

R.P.D.B. is a group of musicians from Seattle to Florida famous for making music over the internet. The group consists of members from diverse backgrounds; that’s why their music is so flavorful and influenced by many different genres.

There is something so intense and charming about their music that puts listeners in a good mood, no matter how tense they feel. Whether you want to listen to something soothing or covet to listen to a piece of rock music, this should be your go-to album.

#1 is now available for streaming on Spotify and other major platforms! Follow R.P.D.B. on Spotify to keep up on future releases.