Quick chat with RnB singer Natalie Nichole from Indience Music Group

Hey Natalie Nichole! You have just released a new single TikTok Surfing What was the inspiration behind the creation of this track?
Tik Tok Surfing was made for many reasons. I have a lot supporters on TikTok so naturally I had to show love. I also met my significant other through TikTok / IG so, it was something fun & trendy to make all while telling a true story like I do in all of my songs.

At what age did you realize music was your true passion?
I’ve always known music was my calling but I for sure knew I wanted to pursue it by the age of five years old when I first performed in San Antonio, Texas at a theme park. Singing and making music made me feel whole so I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. Being able to touch people with my voice and lyrics is everything for me even when they’re silly and fun that’s life. You can always get a story when you hear a “Natalie Nichole” record.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge for your music career in 2020?
I actually feel 2020 provided so much growth. I can’t say it was much of a challenge. 2020 made me just focus even more and have time to see the bigger picture and actually be able to align things to work in my favor. I feel I was already working at a high capacity and smart but due to the pandemic I just worked smarter. I can’t wait til 2021 to keep flourishing in all aspects of my career not just in music but in all my business goals/endeavors.

Any advice for those looking to become a music artist in today’s streaming era?
Market, market, market! We’re told so often that it can’t be done without a major label behind you but thats so far from the truth. There’s so much information out there and available for you know how to own your publishing your copyright and get that money rolling in from your music. Be smart and invest in yourself.

To know more about Natalie Nichole visit www.natalienichole.com and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram: @natalie_moments, Twitter @Ms_N27 and Facebook @MsNatalieNichole

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