Puja Pandey launches her exclusive sassy unisex Streetwear collection Nomad Story

Puja Pandey – Creating a modern lifestyle for it’s customer base as a high-performing fashion brand is Nomad Story. Through their unique clothing range, the famous brand is poised to change the face of the fashion industry for the better.

Keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends can be quite costly. Clothing tastes of people seem to change so much every year that last season’s clothes feel dated and frumpy. When you add in the need for different clothing as the seasons change, staying fashionable can seem impossible. Fortunately, experienced designers and brands know how to put together stylish outfits on a budget for any season. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to look stylish and seasonal, as long as you know what pieces to choose and when and where to get them. Today, we discovered a brand named “Nomad story” that offers high-quality, fashionable streetwear at the most reasonable prices on the market.

Nomad Story is a daughter brand of the well-known designer Puja Pandey. Puja, a Kolkata-based fashion designer, is a master craftsman. She’s a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Kolkata and draws her exquisite attention to detail and inspiration from her passion for traveling to the world’s glamour cities and fashion capitals. She works like an artist, combining her skills as a designer to create exquisite detail and textures in order to create fashion for almost all generations. As we know, COVID-19 has affected nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and consumer spending is no exception, as the year 2020 demonstrated. This is when Puja came up with the idea of providing luxury clothing at affordable prices through Nomad story, so that people’s hands aren’t tied to the environmental crisis when they wish to shop for new designer clothes.

Throughout the fashion and luxury industry’s entire life cycle, from design and manufacture to marketing and disposal, and sustainable fashion brand aims to reduce adverse environmental and economical impacts, and Nomad story takes care of all. Its classic clothing collection includes a variety of graphic, regular, and oversize tees that provide unparalleled comfort and style; it’s a unisex brand with all-new unique graphic prints.

To know more about the brand, follow it on Instagram @nomadstory_in, Facebook @officialnomadstory, Twitter @Nomadstory2 or visit its official website: www.nomadstory.in.