Is Public Figure Yasharahla’s Toplessness Controversial?

Yasharahla Yahawah posted some hot new topless photos from a recent photoshoot on her Instagram page on Tuesday evening. She looks stunning in the red and blue neon light themed shoot, wearing only a long dark colored skirt and beret. The photos are also censored according to Instagram guidelines, so the nipples are covered and/or blurred out.

Yasha, who has a following based solely on her sexy personality, has been seen topless on several occasions by friends and associates. It is normal to find her topless or barely covered upon visiting her in her home or on set. This is a sharp contrast to the customs of her country of residence, the United Arab Emirates, where local women are mostly covered from head to toe in loose clothing with only their faces or eyes to be seen.

A source close to Yahawah stated, “Yasha being nude is like other people wearing clothes. It’s normal to her. She is practically naked while at home, and dresses very sexy when she steps out. Most of the time, she wears jewellery but hardly any clothes. That’s how it is in some parts of Africa. She accepts everyone and their cultures, so hers should also be accepted.”

Another close source explained, “Yasha will always do what she likes. I guarantee you if even the whole world sees her naked she will like it. She is obsessed with herself, and her posts are a tip of the iceberg compared to how she is in person. She is so much more beautiful and sexier in real life. This [toplessness] topic is probably funny to her.”

All in all, it is a breath of fresh air to see Yasha own her individuality and stay true to herself. She is shifting narratives in many ways, as well as opening people’s minds to her authentic culture and free way of life. It is spectacular to see her do what she wants, while at the same time be so respectful to cultures other than her own.

So, is her toplessness controversial? In my opinion, it is expected. Yasha is a spectacle, we just wait to see what she does next. Although she posts more frequently on her Snapchat account @iam_yasharahla, all photos on her Instagram page are professionally captured. She is the first person to build a brand solely on being sexy, and we love to see it.