Professional Photo Editing Service World is Unlike Any Other

How many professional photo editing service providers are out there is beyond anyone’s guess. A mere search for the terms results in virtually millions of searches. It seems like every other household has one professional photo editing service operating from there. 

Well, I might be being a little sarcastic. But there are some truths to the point. Since the time when internet started being available to the wide population in the developing world, people are taking advantage of it. Freelancing and outsourcing started to take a new turn. Businesses form developed world started finding that outsourcing certain business process can not only save them a lot of money, but can make the process lot more efficient for them at the end. After all, why would someone pay more for something that they can get it cheaper somewhere easily? Also, just getting it cheaper is not the only benefit. Having to manage more employees is a headache on its own. Getting that out of equation, now you have more time to focus on more productive business processes. 

How Many Types of Photo Editing Are Out There?

There are many types of photo editing that goes on in the commercial space. The type of editing needed depends on the type of product and what the product owner intends to do with the image. Below are some popular product photo editing types that are commonly offered by a professional photo editing service provider.

Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost mannequin photography is a type of unique photo editing process. It is widely used in the fashion industry clothing or garments companies use this type of editing a lot. Sometime garments companies manufacture the products for different brands and not for their own brand. In a case where garments companies manufacture the products for some other brands who outsource their manufacturing process to them, the actual brand owner ends up using the ghost mannequin photography and related editing services. Sole idea is to promote the product and sell it in the virtual market place. 

Background Removal

While the image background is the main element in certain personal or travel or event photography, it is not so for commercial photography. In most of the commercial product photography, image background is completely useless and brand owners or product photographers end up outsourcing the photo editing process to get the background removed from the product image. 

Background removal is one of the most common type of commercial photo editing method. There are lot of service providers offering this service. Even a teenager living with his parents pretending to be owning a photo editing company where in reality, he is working out of his parent’s basement using an old computer. Well, it’s good to have a dream and working towards building a service-oriented company, a brand having high volume of work needing top notch edit quality simply cannot afford to work with such novish teenage freelancer. 


There are many more that goes on in the photo editing world with commercial photography. Some other examples are masking, color correction, drop shadow creation, model retouching, etc.