Producer of the Month : AngelLaCiencia

This month we welcome Angel LaCiencia, one of the most prolific producers from the internet world.

Before rap music had the massive support it has now in the entertainment industry, it was a lot harder to find beats and producers to work with. That’s where the “type beat” came in. Rappers could go on youtube and type in their favorite rappers name and get beats like him. Thanks to producers like AngelLaCienca uploading quality beats almost every day.

Originally from Guantánamo, Cuba, Angel LaCiencia has grown a huge following from Youtube. Now, this Friday he is going to be dropping his first single as a producer. From making beats more than 10 years ago to #11 song in the world, Angel LaCienca has a lot to be proud of.

He has notorious placements with Omeretta, Latto, Ludacris and more. Check out his Youtube here: