Producer Of The Month : 93Ghini

This month we welcome 93Ghini, one of the most buzzing, mysterious, networked producers from the internet world right now.

Some people might be used to finding producers on good ol’ reliable Youtube. They will hop on there and type in their favorite rappers name followed by the words “type beat”. But if you’re looking for 93Ghini, you might have to go a bit deeper than that.

He is one of the most mysterious buzzing beat-makers in the internet atmosphere right now, and he’s somewhat of an industry secret.

Only allowing his production to be used by a select few artists, 93Ghini is making all the right moves to make a name for himself in this music scene. Understand the in and outs of emotional rap mixed with cyberpunk futuristic sounds… all tied together with clean and understandable drums..something about it…deserves a chef kiss!

“Recipe” out now Produced by 93Ghini, check it out here –