Preparing to Sell Your Home: A Complete Guide

If you’re preparing to sell your home, the likelihood is that you’re also getting ready to buy one. That means you’re in an exciting transition point in your life, and there will be a part of you that wants to see the back of your current home. But rushing your sale will ultimately mean you lose money on your home. On the other hand, giving your home sale a little more thought can help you increase its value without actually investing more cash in your home’s appearance or features.

This guide Sell My House Fast St Louis County based company will show you how to extract the best value from your home when you’re preparing to sell it. 

Cleaning and Tidying

Let’s start with the fundamentals. When you’re first putting your home on the market, you’ll want to be able to take photographs and videos that really show off the beauty of your home and the spacious, comfortable interiors that you have on offer. This is of fundamental importance throughout your house sale, as your home should be as clean and tidy as possible when it is viewed by prospective buyers, too. 

All this means that a surface clean isn’t enough when you’re selling your home. You’ll want to perform a deep clean, and you’ll want to gather up all the clutter that you’ve amassed over years of living in your home. Make this clean an emphatic one – one that will last for months – so that you don’t have to keep cleaning before potential buyers come over for a viewing. If you need assistance from professionals, get more info here for help and tips.

Pictures and Videos

Research suggests that, when it comes to house buying, books really are judged by their covers. Many prospective buyers will search extensively online, making shortlists of properties that they’re interested in viewing. These shortlists will certainly be based on other factors such as location and price, but they’re also fundamentally to do with how well you’re selling your home with pictures and videos. Making these as stunning as possible gives you a better chance of making more shortlists, getting more interest in your home, and ultimately bumping up the price. 

Enlist the services of a professional property photographer for your photos, and ask them if they have the equipment to also create a video tour of your home. To give potential buyers another perspective on your home, look into creating an accurate floor plan that will demonstrate the size of all your rooms. You can research floor plan types online, using software to help you build out the dimensions of your home. 

Repairs and Maintenance

Your home will have been lived in for many years. That means it will have suffered the usual wear and tear of a house that’s been host to all the colors of life, be that the frenzy of children’s play or the knocks and bumps of moving furniture in and out of your home. When you’re preparing to take photographs of your interiors, you should attend to any maintenance and repairs that you may have outstanding on your home.

Many of these you can attend to on your own. Scuffs on walls can easily be painted over, providing you have the correct paint color to hand. Dents can be refilled with plaster; look up how to do this online. Other more significant damage and issues within your home can be rectified with a little help from a local tradesperson, be they a plumber, an electrician, or a builder. Making these repairs will help your home appear as-new to potential buyers. 


Homes that were built only ten years ago will look a little outdated to the modern eye. If you’re looking to attract young families to live in your property, you may wish to make some small modernization adaptations to help them feel that they’re investing in a home with modern accessories built in line with their contemporary lives. 

One small change that you can make is to replace energy sockets with modern charging portals. USB portals in your walls will help potential buyers charge their devices without using large plugs. Meanwhile, you might be interested in installing a modern utilities technology – such as mobile-controlled heating or inset speakers in your walls – to make your home appear and feel like one that was built to match the demands of the modern age. 

Preparing For Viewings

Whether you choose to have an open house for a number of days or organize individual viewings with prospective buyers over a month, the viewing period for your home is crucial to your sale. If you get it right, you’ll have several buyers leave with an intent to place a bid on your home; if you do it poorly, you may receive little interest and further delays to your sale. 

Preparing for viewings means using every trick in the book to make your home as attractive as possible. Make sure everything looks and smells fantastic, as these are the two senses that most viewers will be engaging most when they’re exploring your home. Dress smartly and prepare to answer any questions that they might have about your neighborhood and neighbors so that you come across as polite, trustworthy, and professional. That will encourage more buyers to engage with you down the line. 

Upping the Price

If you’ve gone through all of the above stages to sell your home, you may be hit by several bids on your property from prospective buyers. This is exactly what you’ve been working towards. With the help of your property agent, you’ll now be able to start increasing the price of your property to match the bids you’ve received. 

You should be careful to be genuine and honest in your communications about the bids you’ve received and their value. Starting an inauthentic bidding war may not be in your interest. Yet encouraging those interested in buying your property to pay a little more for your home could help you extract the maximum value from your property. 

There you have it: the key tips you’ll need to follow to sell your home, extracting as much cash from its value as possible. Remember to consider the next steps too, good removal companies can get booked up quickly so look into booking Removals Norwich sooner rather than later. 

In conclusion, selling a home requires attention to detail and planning to get the most value out of it. The tips outlined in this guide are a great starting point, but there are always more things you can do to increase your home’s value. Always remember to be patient and take the time to make the necessary repairs, upgrades, and maintenance to ensure that you attract the right buyers and get the price you deserve.