Premiere Newport Savy Releases New Music Video For “Back In Business”

There are no boundaries when it comes to Newport Savy’s style of music creation in which he does effortlessly throughout all of his songs. Newport Savy has released his long-awaited music video for his single “Back in Business”

The new cinematic visual manages to be just as entrancing as the song itself. Directed by dolo_dez, the scenes of the video follow him at different locations throughout his city allowing his fans to get a closer look at where he’s from.

The video opens with Newport standing in the street of a familiar parking lot location of his city. Over the following three minutes and thirty seconds there are various shots displaying his hometown to the world. 

He continues to drive in his own lane with a clear vision of how he wants to present his artistry to the world. He is a much-welcomed addition to the hip-hop scene and is undoubtedly a talent to watch out for in which he’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

If you are a true Newport Savy fan, then you would know that he has always been extremely open and honest in his music. He’s very big on staying true to yourself and being comfortable with just being yourself in all aspects of life. With Newport Savy having this outlook on life, it allows him to connect with his fans on a much more personal level.

To experience this new thrilling visual for yourself check out the link for the official video below!