Power Wheelchairs

When it comes to purchasing a power wheelchair, you have many choices. Some power wheelchairs offer free curbside delivery, while others require inside delivery. Curbside delivery is a great option for people with limited mobility, as it prevents the unit from being damaged during shipping. Curbside delivery is also great for people who are not strong enough to carry the unit themselves.

A power wheelchair is made in different sizes, depending on the user’s needs and physical capabilities. A typical model is around 120 inches long and 70 cm wide. Turning radius and seat-to-floor height are important factors in purchasing a power wheelchair. For ease of maneuvering, you should choose a power wheelchair with a wide turning radius.

Seat-to-floor height is also a key factor, as a lower seat-to-floor height is ideal for many common environments. In addition to the overall height, consider clearance for the legs, which is a secondary consideration. Low-profile cushions can help keep the wheelchair user at a lower height.

Joystick control

New World Mobility power wheelchairs have a joystick control, which allows the user to customize and program joystick parameters. The joystick has a large number of parameter settings, including torque and acceleration. Some models come with pre-programmed parameters, while others use a memory stick or mini-USB to store settings. Some devices even allow the user to back up programs, so they can be used later. This feature is especially helpful for clinicians, as it allows them to save customized settings.

Joysticks come in a variety of styles and colors. Some are backlit, while others are not. Usually, joysticks support multiple languages and font changes, but they may be difficult to read for individuals with low vision. Some joysticks also have auxiliary mode storage, a clock, or images for the user to see.

Seat width

When you are considering a power wheelchair, it is important to know how wide the seat is. Most power wheelchairs feature 18-inch seat widths. However, you should also consider the total width, as this metric is not always accurate. For instance, if you have a 30″ waist, a 17″ seat width would be good for you. But if you are six feet two inches tall, you’ll need a 22-inch seat width.

The seat width of a power wheelchair will vary depending on the model you choose. A standard 18-inch seat will be about 26 inches wide, while a 20-inch seat will be 24 to 28 inches wide. You can also look for a power wheelchair with an elevating seat, which will give you more room to move.

Grade climbable

If you are considering purchasing a Grade climbable power wheelchair, you have a number of different options. While it is important to select a wheelchair that fits your needs and lifestyle, you also want to consider some features to make your wheelchair more comfortable and safe. First of all, be sure to choose one that has a seat that is level. This will help keep you comfortable, while maintaining the stability and center of mass over the wheelbase.

A wheelchair that has a built-in capability to climb steps and curbs is an excellent choice if you have limited mobility. While these features provide an added sense of independence, they shouldn’t compromise efficient locomotion over level terrain or indoor maneuverability. While this feature is beneficial, most wheelchairs with this feature are not practical as a primary mobility aid. Many of these designs also have small wheels that hinder your progress on rough surfaces.